Starcodes Sept 8, 2023

As the fruit ripens and the squirrels gather and sort their pinecones, let’s sort what works and what doesn’t, get our closets and thoughts ready for the coming Autumnal season, because it may be hard to get anything else done. This last week of the Mercury retrograde in Virgo cycle could bring some truly wild snafus, so let’s pay attention to where we drive, what we say, and how we proceed. Because not everyone will. Stay safe out there.

Along with the sorting action, it’s good for us to contemplate what freedom means in our particular circumstance and how we could expand this in the future as the Virgo Sun trines expansive Jupiter this weekend. Because six planets are now retrograde, it’s not quite time to lock in those plans but we can contemplate what liberates us from the past, whether we need to let go of what no longer works or to retrieve a traditional idea, skill, or paradigm we need to create more possibilities in the future.

As we head into next week’s New Moon in Virgo- exact on Thursday, let’s release the habit of being critical; not the critical thinking skills that help us discern a good path forward, that is a true gift from Mercury in Virgo, but any recreational criticality which can find fault in ourselves and others to avoid vulnerability or as an outlet for anxiety. Tend the nerves and use that discernment wisely and with kindness.

The weekend begins under a comfort-loving Cancer Moon, and we’ll want to feel safe and cozy in our own space. We could worry about some intrinsic factor around home and safety, wonder about where we live or worry about those without a home, or need to adjust our home so it better reflects us. That hopeful Sun-Jupiter trine can help us find new options outside of the box and feel grateful for the people and circumstances which do help us feel safe and rooted.

A more outgoing Leo Moon on Sunday through Tuesday helps us meet strangers and make social overtures but could also bring dramatic statements to the headlines. It could just help us connect to new community, or it could bring some dramatic weather patterns and events. Let’s keep our eyes out to take advantage of an opening and protect ourselves from flying debris or egos.

On Wednesday and Thursday, a New Moon in Virgo asks us to sort and heal our world. Don’t bother slinging blame…

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Heather Roan Robbins is a choice-oriented astrologer and ceremonialist, author of Starcodes Oracle Deck and 4 books-with an on-line practice