Starcodes Oct 7, 2022

“You say you want a revolution- Well, you know-We all want to change the world”.-John Lennon

Pluto direct — artist Cee Lippens

Watch the energy swirl, organize, then pick up speed this week. Changes put on hold for a season could now begin to percolate as Mercury picks up forward momentum and Pluto turns direct after many months retrograde. The Sun now roils with sunspots, potential solar flares, which turn the volume up on all transits and coincide historically with an urge for political and cultural change of all types. On top of this, this weekend’s Full Moon in Aries heralds one of the year’s most excited, progressive, and reactive moments.

Like a strong wind, this astrological excitement can propel us forward if we organize our sails and get our ship headed in the right direction. We still need to keep an eye out for storms of all types, both wild weather and clashes of wills. Fights between efforts to control, the old patriarchy, and some exciting new more egalitarian energy will weave through the headlines.

We could feel this tension in our own psyches, some old emotional baggage or difficult pattern nags us to resist our evolution as the Sun and Venus opposed Chiron. Problems are uncovered; whether it is a fresh understanding of the depth of a problem or a new revelation about the real motivation behind someone’s actions, we see what needs work now. Let’s keep our moral compass close at hand and use clear personal goals to guide our ship.

Through Friday we could feel tired at the end of a long week, extra sensitive under a perceptive Pisces Moon. An opportunity for fresh enthusiasm and rebellion pours in with a waxing full Moon in feisty, proactive Aries over the weekend.

Revolution comes in many forms, it could be a personal revolution, a simple decision, or heated, out-in -the-streets transformation. The enthusiasm calms down, stabilizes, but has no less determination late Monday through midweek as the Moon enters steady Taurus. Mercury enters diplomatic fair-minded Libra and the sun, Mars, and Saturn form a grand trine in communicative air signs making this a good week to negotiate, sign contracts, or outline a new book.

Some of our old motivation could dissolve, but a new vision or dream bring fresh resolve moving forward as Mars opposes Neptune midweek. We can let go of outdated…

Starcodes: Astrological map for the week ahead

Heather Roan Robbins is a choice-oriented astrologer and ceremonialist, author of Starcodes Oracle Deck and 4 books-with an on-line practice