Starcodes Oct 27, 2023 Heather Roan Robbins

Halloween, Samhain, the veils between the worlds thin at this time of year. A full Moon/lunar eclipse with Mars, Mercury, and the Sun in Scorpio adds plenty of haunted spookiness to this weekend. Though the celebrations begin this this weekend, our traditional mythic Halloween lands on Tuesday, October 31, weekend, and the actual cross-quarter day, the astrological midpoint between the fall equinox and winter solstice, falls on November 7 this year.

Which gives us a week to walk between the worlds and come to terms with death, honor the departed wrestle with our obsessions, and revive our life force before we head into the long winter ahead, which are all part of the work at this time of the year.

This weekend’s full Moon in Taurus/lunar eclipse bookends what began under the solar eclipse two weekends ago, just as war broke out in the Mideast. Some issue we’ve been wrestling with these weeks could come to a new- not necessarily a conclusion -but a new understanding. The eclipse falls in the middle of the day, on Saturday, at 2:24 PM MDT, so we won’t see it in this part of the world, but that full Moon will illuminate our evenings. It’s called the Hunter’s Moon- in the woods we’d see deer and turkey roam and bears prepare for winter. This full Moon also highlights what we search for, where do we feel hunted, and asks us how we can feel safe.

For the rest of the week the mood can be impatient, curious, incisive, and occasionally vindictive as mental Mercury approaches volatile Mars in Scorpio. Words can be weaponized, that that Mars-Mercury aspect can really trigger our defenses on any scale. World events have triggered PTSD in so many of us. We need to watch our mental muscles, because it can be easy to get depressed or to perseverate on the world’s wrongs and call for reckoning, but we don’t have to get stuck there. We can also use this Mars-Mercury energy to investigate, to make a tough decision or perform constructive surgery on a situation, and to push ourselves towards a personal best.

Friday can feel volatile or inspired under feisty Aries Moon. The Taurus full Moon over the weekend can bring a remarkably stubborn but also stable and sensuous energy, and an extra deliciousness to Halloween treats. A verbal Gemini Moon early next week precipitates new information and a fresh conversation and can…



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Heather Roan Robbins is a choice-oriented astrologer and ceremonialist, author of Starcodes Oracle Deck and 4 books-with an on-line practice