Starcodes Oct 23, 2020 Heather Roan Robbins

The light shifts towards autumn, the Sun just entered deep and focused Scorpio creating the time of year when we face our fears for the long winter, and for the tough election, ahead. It’s time to look deep within our souls and our culture, investigate our suspicions and look for concrete truths underneath.

Investigation is essential now because it’s hard to figure out what’s really going on as Mercury retrogrades until election day and Mars retrogrades until mid-November. These two planets can complicate our lives as they appear to back up against the zodiac. Mars retrograde in fiery Aries can help us get going, but when a fire starts, whether real or metaphorical, it can burn hot.

These retrograde planets ask us to review everything we’ve done, thought, learned, or fought over this last year. Pluto, now direct, recently retrograded back to where it was last January as Covid-19 built momentum and the impeachment trial conflagrated. These planets ask us to go back and remember, what we have learned since then, and how can we make good use of that knowledge before we go forward. That doesn’t mean to fight the same fight, though we may, but more likely we still have to hold steady from outside pressure. A new chapter begins in the new year, but right now we’re reviewing that last chapter to squeeze every bit of knowledge, understanding, consequence, and karma out of it.

Continue to practice basic Mercury retrograde survival skills. Keep an eye open for technical glitches. Pay extra attention to follow through, actually get that letter or ballot in the mail, the paper sent. Sometimes we can have the intention to do so and it feels done, but may never actually manifest, much to our surprise. Look for items and people that return from the past, a lost ring that rolled under a dresser, the beginning of a story on an old file. Think carefully what you want to bring into the future rather than leave where it was.

The mood is friendly but stubborn, cooperative but not necessarily open-minded as Friday begins under a sociable Aquarius Moon that squares both the Sun and Uranus. We can expect to hear a lot of noise between now and the election as Mars in feisty Aries squares the Covid cluster, Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto all in Capricorn. But because the mood is so stubborn right now, it is unlikely that these conflicts will change any minds until we get an opening the middle of next week.

People can show their true colors or just show their poor judgment skills through unexpected moves and comments. We can choose to be more open minded this weekend to our beloveds, or at least cheerful about our disagreements. If we wrestle with the ones we love, let’s keep our sense of humor open and realize that this is what how we are choosing to engage.

Lean into familiar circumstances and trusted people on Saturday as Venus trines Saturn, it can help with an ambient autumnal melancholia. On Sunday the mood is emotional and subjective as the Sun conjuncts Mercury under a sensitive Pisces Moon. we may feel a few tears or find ways of old emotions wash through, realize that were processing the collective feelings, not just our own.

The energy shifts on Tuesday as both Mercury and Venus enter Libra, Mercury retrogrades back Libra at one end, and Venus moves forward out of Virgo at the other end. This Libran influx may actually help open minds; together they soften our stubbornness and increase our search for fairness, kindness, and equity, which can ease our interpersonal flow.

On Wednesday our fierceness sharpens as the Moon enters Aries; though we may be more reactive than active, we’ll be ready to make things happen.

Friday, October 23: The mood is cheerfully stubborn. We may be open to new ideas, but won’t be interested in having our opinions challenged or our habits changed as the Aquarius Moon squares the Sun and Uranus. Let’s deal with what’s on our plate, Relationships need encouragement, people need acceptance and work needs follow through. check up on responsibilities to the community, and hold the ground rather than push.

Moon enters Aquarius 6:16 AM, Moon squares the Sun 7:22 AM, Moon squares Mercury 3:48 PM, Moon squares Uranus 11:02 PM.

Saturday, October 24: We could use a real break today, it will be healing to do what’s familiar, engage tried-and-true autumn habits. We may miss trips to the cider mill or pumpkin patch, the normal social conventions of autumn, but can still engage in some familiar rituals of comfort and get organized for winter as Venus forms as supportive but maudlin trine to Saturn. Check in on elders and old friends.

Venus trine Saturn 9:40 AM, Moon sextile Mars 3:53 PM.

Sunday, October 25: Morning may be community oriented, good for pleasant walks or errands. Feelings well up like a rain puddle midday as the Sun conjuncts Mercury under a sensitive Pisces Moon. A good cry might be cathartic. Stay in the present moment and let the feelings flow rather than try to find a story to go with it. Unusual sensitivities offer clues as to what’s going on underneath the surface, but it’s hard to gauge proportion and future outcomes now.

Sun conjuncts Mercury 12:22 PM, Moon enters Pisces 3:18 PM, Moon trine Mercury 7:58 PM, Moon trine Sun 9:30 PM.

Monday, October 26: On this squishy and ineffective Monday, we can make necessary adjustments, fine-tune and edit, but keep other expectations reasonable while the Pisces Moon se tiles Uranus and approaches Neptune. Notice the psychic puddle flow within, hug that inner heart, validate each other’s feelings, and empathize with the larger world.

Moon sextile Uranus 8:43 AM.

Tuesday, October 27: Morning can be creative and intuitive, just watch sloppy boundaries as the Moon conjunct Neptune. Look for potentially hopeful new solutions to long-standing issues as the Moon sextiles Jupiter Pluto and Saturn midday. Our perspective shifts tonight as Mercury and Venus enter Libra, appreciate and savor moments of connection and mutual support.

Moon conjunct Neptune 3:39 AM, Moon sextile Jupiter 7:37 AM, Moon sextile Pluto 11:58 AM, Moon sextile Saturn 6:45 PM, Mercury enters Libra 7:33 PM, Venus enters Libra 7:40 PM.

Wednesday, October 28: Strong crosswinds and conflicting feelings as the Moon in Aries calls us to debate, but the Libra planets would rather avoid conflict; watch people make accusations and then ghost rather than stay in there for the argument. Let’s not take the bait, step back from any quick flare of temper, and instead and speak to the heart that wants to heal.

Moon enters Aries 2:44 AM, Moon opposes Venus 3:32 AM, the Sun quincunx Chiron 3:31 PM.

Thursday, Oct 29: Watch the headlines sizzle. Find something constructive to start as the Moon conjuncts Mars in Aries. Impulse control is low, reaction time quick. Count to five before reacting, conflict will not further. Let’s be honest about how we feel, then manage the situation rather than try to instigate change now. Soon, though; change is coming.

Moon conjunct Mars, 12:33 pm, Moon square Jupiter, 8:38 pm.

Heather Roan Robbins is a choice-oriented astrologer, ceremonialist, and intuitive coach with +30 years experience and an on-line practice.

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