Starcodes November 4, 2022, Heather Roan Robbins

We need extra time alone to go deep, listen to our sources, and find inner stability with the Sun, Mercury, and Venus now in Scorpio. Many of us could use a few extra moments of solitude or in meditation, a chance to turn inwards instead of feeling caught in the crossfire of election season’s nervous buzz, we’ll feel tired and overextended if we don’t get it.

But the world needs our engagement right now, the planets also infuse us with an urgent need to feel like we’re doing what we can to turn the world in a good direction. That last solar eclipse at 2 degrees of Scorpio on Oct 25, and a coming lunar eclipse on Nov 8- election day, send shivers through the world. An eclipse series resonates for months, they can precipitate over-due action, unstick what’s stuck, or temporarily shut the light out. Between the solar eclipse October 25 and this lunar eclipse we might have to let go of a person, pet, a limitation or idea we’ve been holding and sit in the dark for a minute before the new chapter begins.

Emotional steadiness will be most valuable in any situation this week, so do whatever is needed to support that inner calm as Jupiter retrogrades back into Pisces, approaches Neptune, and leaves us extra permeable. We can feel the collective sighs, woes, and cheers in any crowd and feel influenced by the general psychic milieu. We could absorb enthusiasm at a game, shared joy at a concert, or worry as the polls closed. Notice all the ways we swim in our collective soup. This permeability can make families bounce off one another, crowds more dangerous, and our collective anxiety around the elections- whatever our opinion- vibrate. We need to turn up the volume on our own internal voice.

The Scorpionic focus can bring out our morbid side or the side that wants to bravely face our worst-case scenario and see if we can survive it, it can also help us deal with any tough reality we run into. Scorpio wakes up around a challenge and can help us shake off denial. But we must want to get honest. Otherwise, that Scorpio focus can make it easier to get lost down a rabbit hole of conspiracy theory or obsession if we just look for validation of our opinions instead of the truth.

As Friday begins- keep the personal filters up because we could be extra absorptive and potentially worried under a sensitive Pisces Moon…

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Heather Roan Robbins is a choice-oriented astrologer and ceremonialist, author of Starcodes Oracle Deck and 4 books-with an on-line practice