Starcodes November 24, 2023

It is rather ironic- and often funny- that many people gather with friends or families under this most outspoken Sagittarian Thanksgiving Holiday week. This weekend, with one feast over but visitors still nearby, Mars joins the Sun and Mercury already in Sagittarius. While this energy is generally optimistic and energetic, we can be truly tactless and provoking in the name of honesty.

While Sagittarius usually prompts and appreciates simple frankness, some of the worst liars hold the Sagittarian shadow, they believe their own unexamined story, so they don’t feel like they’re lying. For honesty to be real we have to be honest with ourselves first. Consider letting go of an old grudge and see the people around with fresh eyes — who are they now, not who were they once upon a time. Before we spout some wildly controversial opinion or unflattering comment, let’s ask ourselves, is it true, kind, necessary, and why do we need to say it now — what is our motivation.

Sagittarius’ symbol is the centaur- half-human, half mobile animal- it also encourages us to move; this week more people travel than any other week of the year. If the conversations get too tactless at the house or restlessness makes the feet itch, put that energy into movement until the charge calms down; hike, play soccer, or dance the night away.

On Friday as the weekend begins Mars enters Sagittarius, and some important conversations come out where people can talk over touchy issues with unusual frankness and openness, as long as they keep their hearts connected and do so with lovingkindness. Venus in Libra helps us to keep that even.

The mood settled down over the weekend, home projects can direct activity and further connections as the Moon enters earthy Taurus. There could be a delay to wrestle with, but it may contain a hidden benefit. We could also gain a fresh perspective on real differences between the generations as Mars square Saturn, but we can be curious not censorious and use these to deepen our mutual understanding.

The Moon waxes towards full, into Gemini Sunday evening, which is good for last minute travel but can leave us restless and we may find it hard to wind at the end of the day. As Mercury approaches a square to Neptune let’s keep our eyes peeled for weather issues or drunk drivers and confirm…



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Heather Roan Robbins is a choice-oriented astrologer and ceremonialist, author of Starcodes Oracle Deck and 4 books-with an on-line practice