Starcodes November 10, 2023

We could have just an ordinary if slightly internal weekend, though we might explore old feelings like poking a sore tooth. Or this truly could be a wild pivot point in our lives. The Sun is flaring and the planetary patterns are intense.

Now these planetary patterns have been difficult, encouraging us to confront problems since early October when Pluto turned direct after a long retrograde and squared Mars just as the Middle East erupted. We can confront one another, confront our own emotional reality, confront the problem in our lives and solve it. This energy continues over the weekend as Mars opposes chaotic Uranus under a new Moon in focused, obsessive Scorpio. This intensity begins to calm down towards Thanksgiving, but we have some work to do first.

To turn the volume up on these aspects, and as the backdrop for the next couple of years, the Sun now throws spikes of highly charged particles towards Earth. Those solar flares challenge our radio waves and turn up the volume on all astrological aspects and historical events. This solar cycle 25 began in 2019 and is expected to continue through 2030, peaking over the next two years. Solar flares herald political unrest and a search for new answers, we can waste this restless search fighting against what was or we can direct this restlessness towards a healthy vision of what could be.

Even with this charge of chaotic, activated energy, many of us could feel just a bit tired, more introverted than normal, with potentially rich dreams. Our mood may improve if we make small positive changes, fix a broken door or speak a truth we haven’t before. Although we may feel an urge for drastic change it’s now hard to sort out good decisions from restless discontent. All can be okay where we can look ahead and feel room to grow, but we can make abrupt, radical judgments where we feel stuck or trapped, or obsess on the past. We can always make more drastic moves later, let’s try subtle constructive changes first to open up the future.

Scorpio energy can be jealous, possessive, vindictive, and ruthlessly honest on its challenging side, while positive Scorpio brings a more surgical, profound, deeply compassionate, transformative and transcendent approach. Which side shall we vote for with our imagination on this approaching new Moon in Scorpio.



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Heather Roan Robbins is a choice-oriented astrologer and ceremonialist, author of Starcodes Oracle Deck and 4 books-with an on-line practice