Starcodes March 8, 2024

The earliest hints of spring whisper, daylight savings time begins though the weather and the politics have been unusually hot so far. Mercury connects with intuitive Neptune and then enters Aries over the weekend and brings a new bravery, brashness, and impulsiveness to our thinking while Venus enters more empathic and sensitive Pisces on Monday. Our hearts soften and our thoughts and actions become braver and more impulsive.

This Mercury in Aries can help us feel less overwhelmed and more ready to take on the world. It won’t be all fresh and brash, as emotional Venus enters empathic and sensitive Pisces on Monday. Our hearts soften while our thoughts and actions become braver and more impulsive.

While this combination can be great for spring break adventures, we can be low on impulse control and even more emotional in response to world events. Neither Aries nor Pisces encourages objective critical thinking, that we must add ourselves. Watch out for emotional appeals and accusations, whether personal or political; confirm facts before jumping in the fray. Don’t deck an ex or change a vote without really scrutinizing the facts. Do heed the Pisces/Aries call to act on compassionate understanding.

As the weekend begins a dreamy Mercury-Neptune conjunction in Pisces can be inspiring, imaginative. We may get sudden hits or see a storyline unfold but can have real difficulty knowing what’s our intuition, and what is our fantasy. It’s a great time to watch Dune or engage in some other fantastical alternate universe, then come back here and believe things could be different. But when we look at the news or at our neighborhood, it can be all too easy to project on others or believe their story without evidence, so stay centered and fact- check.

The energy cranks up over the weekend as Mars squares Uranus and Mercury enters feisty Aries, a combination which can bring a desire for sudden changes. If this is spring break, really take an opportunity to break routine. But watch for a few concerns such as difficult or belligerent personalities, mechanical problems or a shifting of personal, political, or geological tectonic plates. Keep an eye on the military hotspots of the world, the great crises, as this combination feeds both military destructiveness and the heroic bravery needed to solve problems.



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Heather Roan Robbins is a choice-oriented astrologer and ceremonialist, author of Starcodes Oracle Deck and 4 books-with an on-line practice