Starcodes March 26, 2021 Heather Roan Robbins

Aries energy now courses through each crocus bulb, each burgeoning twig. We can also feel bursts of energy where we’re excited, and feel a nap coming on when we’re bored or disappointed; Aries energy pulses 0 to 60 with little in between. This Aries energy builds our momentum but we may not be realistic about where we’re headed what happens next as Mercury conjuncts inspiring but confusing Neptune in Pisces this week. Like driving on a foggy mountain road, while the landscape may be beautiful, we need to pay extra attention to where we’re going.

The Sun conjuncts Venus in Aries this weekend and helps us launch those creative new beginnings. A Venus -Sun conjunction begins a new emotional cycle, the mood is passionate, excited, impatient. This conjunction inspires us to care, to create, and to activate around what matters to us, so let’s ask ourselves what light our fire and get involved. (I highly recommend Arielle Guttman’s work on Venus Aries Star point at

Out here in Montana farmers are lighting fires, burning fields to clear away last year’s growth and create room for new crops. We may disagree with the amount of carbon suddenly released into the air but this offers a powerful image. Last year’s leaves now fall off so new buds can grow; projects, people, events that were part of last year’s growth may now fall away to create room for this year’s growth, but this can be temporarily painful process.

This new action can echo off this year’s defining aspect, an ongoing square between solid Saturn and change-inducing Uranus, an aspect that happens about every 22 years and changes how we work, the basis of our sense of security, and alters the shape and nature of our shared structures. Tectonic plates and work habits are shifting, small changes are easier than giant chasms. But let’s consider not standing too close to volcanoes or quivering fault lines. Many of these changes are permanent, if we’re wise, we won’t try to go back to the old normal in our post-pandemic world but will experiment with new forms instead.

The action planet Mars is now in verbal Gemini and encourages us to keep talking. Mars in Gemini suggests the natural Aries impatience stays in check as long as the lines of communication stay open. It’s not time for a monologue, make interactions a true dialogue and keep tempers down.

A cleansing Virgo Moon this Friday and Saturday encourage spring cleaning of our mind, garden, and desk. Check in on all health issues and dial down ambient anxiety. We may need to look at a worst-case scenario square in the eyes, remember that we can deal with it, and get back on track with what is actually happening in the moment. Be careful not to critique others as a form of love, as they will not appreciate it.

A full Moon in Libra early Sunday morning shines light on the balance we need between making compromises for the sake of the relationship, whatever relationship is on our mind, and responding to our own internal different drummer. Believe that this balance is possible. On Monday that intuitive, imaginative Mercury- Neptune conjunction peaks, watch for potential water damage around communication equipment or transportation and dream big.

The mood gets feisty Tuesday and Wednesday as the Moon enters Scorpio under the Aries Sun, both Mars-ruled signs. We may want to be stable but could still rock the boat with sharp comments, contention, or a sudden move as Mercury semi- squares Uranus. Mixed messages or conflicting information can spin our heads. Take a deep breath and think through consequences.

Happy April Fools’ Day on Thursday, April 1. The Moon enters upbeat Sagittarius and helps us access our mischief. Some recently cloudy decision could now clarify, and we can find the energy and guts to see it through.

Friday, March 26: Ask what creative project we can start as the Sun conjunct Venus under a waxing Moon. Give of the heart, be passionate about feelings and beliefs, and take an opportunity to be inspired. The Virgo Moon can make us worry easily or be a bit sharper edged and make a sound critical when were just feeling generically impatient this afternoon. Tonight, if we’re feeling frayed, nerves get cranky and cause minor accidents as the Moon squares Mars. Think about what really needs to be said before spouting off, and when in doubt — rest.

Sun conjunct Venus 12:57 AM, Moon trine Uranus 12:16 PM, Moon square Mars 8:16 PM.

Saturday, March 27: A day of honestly mixed messages. Sing music, write, journal, talk. Our imagination is full to overflowing but the Virgo Moon can keep us edgy, busy, while the Sun and Venus semi-square Jupiter help us long for passionate beauty and privacy. All while Mars in Gemini pushes us to keep talking. The mood grows more collaborative, appreciative, even cuddly tonight as the Moon enters Libra.

Moon opposed Mercury 1:36 AM, Venus semi-square Jupiter 5:45 AM, Moon opposed Neptune 9:05 AM, Sun semi- square Jupiter 3:01 PM, Moon trine Pluto 5:48 PM, Moon enters Libra 11 PM.

Sunday, March 28: The Moon is full in Libra and our feelings are full to overflowing. Expect intense questions around what’s fair and balanced in relationship and what is the purpose and mechanism of social justice. Love people. Work around socially awkward moments, avoid dichotomous thinking on this full Moon, and find that third perspective — a both/and rather than either/or.

Moon opposed Sun 12:48 PM, Moon and Venus 1:04 PM, Moon trine Saturn 5:20 PM, Moon trine Mars 11:12 PM.

Monday, March 29: We won’t follow boring pragmatic logic at someone else’s behest but can immerse in inspiration, conflagration, or get lost in our own imaginings. Creative potential shimmers as Mercury conjunct Neptune, our heart perceives clearly but our mind can be confused about what is true insight and what’s projection. Stay in the present moment and deal with what is on the table. We may need more time to ourselves or need to look at our own story tonight as the Moon enters Scorpio near midnight.

Moon trine Jupiter 12:01 PM, Mercury conjunct Neptune 9:23 PM, enter Scorpio 11:33pm.

Tuesday, March 30: It furthers to work on our own projects under the Scorpio Moon. Primordial energy swirls so we can get pugnacious, easily ticked off, or possessive unless we try to stabilize the mood with familiar habits and patterns as Venus sextile Saturn. Patience and organization help us work around logistical frustrations at dinnertime as the Moon squares Saturn.

Venus sextile Saturn 9:46 AM, Moon opposed Uranus 1:53 PM, Moon square Saturn 5:39 PM.

Wednesday, March 31: Anxiety can make us difficult this morning, add a chip to the shoulder or infuse us with extra attitude. Important news could arrive and settle a dispute this afternoon as the Sun sextiles Saturn and the Moon trines Mercury. We may be able to laugh off recent tension, or at least be more direct about it, tonight as the Moon enters the Sagittarius close to midnight.

Moon trine Neptune 9:58 AM, Moon square Jupiter 12:51 PM, Moon trine Mercury 2:35 PM, and sextile Saturn 3:04 PM, Moon sex tile Jupiter 6:28 PM, Moon enters Sagittarius 11:58 PM.

Thursday, April 1: A mischievous, impatient Sagittarius Moon helps us take a joke. Investigate new possibilities but keep compassion connected to a sudden need to be honest as Mercury semi-squares Saturn. Be straightforward but with compassion. Notice sensitivities others may be trying to hide. If logistics frustrate this evening, sleep on it and try tomorrow.

Moon sextile Saturn 6:52 PM, Moon trine Sun 8:45 PM, Mercury semi-square Saturn 9:27 PM, Moon trine Venus 11:55 PM.

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