Starcodes March 25, 2022 Heather Roan Robbins

Feel that spark of life force as thoughtful Mercury joins the Sun in rambunctious Aries on Sunday and brings our mind to all things fiery and renewing. Spring cleaning begins within and without, it’s time to clear the decks of the winter’s dross, clear our minds and our closets and define our goals so we can use this energy wisely. We can use this time to prepare for the new Moon in Aries a week from this Friday, which is a true initiation of the new year ahead.

The old military phrase caution about the “ready, fire, aim” mentality, which is such a good description of the shadow side of Aries, reminds us to aim carefully before we release our arrow, to focus our intention before we speak before we act, before we initiate. Let’s use this fiery energy to begin good things. This Aries lineup can also lower impulse control and increases our enthusiasm, reflexes, and temper. While this temper is more direct than Machiavellian, it can add fuel to all the fires heating up around the globe.

Do not bring the front lines home. Instead, if the heat builds up, exercise care, exercise the body, work out or move rocks, let off some steam. We do not have to be an Aries ram clashing head on, we can instead climb great mountains. Use this fiery energy just to come back alive after a long winter or to help initiate a new phase or start giant projects. Aries likes to think big.

This Aries lineup, along with Venus and Mars running conjunct in collaborative Aquarius can also set off more delicious longing sparks of spring fever. That Venus-Mars Aquarian conjunction can help us work together as a team and help NATO coordinate its efforts. Working with groups furthers, we can instigate new relationships as we get involved with our community, engage our circles and organizations to further that which matters to us.

The weekend begins with the Sun in Aries and Moon in competent, determined Capricorn, and Mercury in sensitive Pisces, and this combination loans us empathy to guide the competence, though some will refuse that empathy and just barrel straight ahead.

Mercury enters Aries on Sunday under an Aquarius Moon, speeds up our thinking and asks us contemplate responsibility, meditate on what is our job and what isn’t our job.



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Heather Roan Robbins is a choice-oriented astrologer and ceremonialist, author of Starcodes Oracle Deck and 4 books-with an on-line practice