Starcodes March 22, 2024 Heather Roan Robbins

Tend to relationships of all types this week. Garden the community network, support work collaborations, nourish friendships and check in on allies as we head into Monday’s full Moon in interpersonally astute Libra, opposed the Sun in direct Aries. Do not take romantic partnerships for granted, give them extra love, consideration, acceptance, and a breath of air. Tend the relationship between social expectation and that Aries-inspires willful raw spark of soul within.

Both the Sun and Mercury now in brash Aries inspire our spring fever and energize our inner adolescent, they can bring rebellion to the oppressed, fuel to a fire, and impulsiveness to us all. But that Aries bravery, shared with all wildlife sprouting in the spring, can overshoot the mark and tweak our sensitive feelings.

Mars, the planet known as the ruler of Aries, joins Venus in Pisces and sensitizes us- we can dish it out — criticism, intention, pushiness, but it’s hard to take it — so remember that odd clash of bravery and unusual vulnerability- intuitive awareness at one moment, and tendency to drift into illusion or fantasy the next.

Friday begins with a prickly Virgo Moon, able to see the work and super touchy about criticism. We may notice our health needs extra care, fresh food and a work-out. This weekend is dominated by the full Moon, partial eclipse in Libra, which spotlights Libra Moon’s encouragement of love, fairness, and social justice as it opposes the Aries Sun fierce protection of personal rights, whether as a beloved or as a country. We need to find a healthy, integrative middle path.

Midweek, as the Moon enters Scorpio- we can either just retreat and turn our focus inwards- if we feel over exposed to interactions and all the delicacy of relationship subtleties and dueling needs, or we could lash out if we feel our vulnerability has been tread upon. Instead, we could try something totally different where the emotional field is less delicate. This is also true for some deep, long term problems- old war zones, both personal and political, can inflame as Mars semi-squares Chiron, and there is no point in retrying old solutions which did not work. Try something completely different.

Friday, March 22: Our feelings and thoughts cross signals as the emotional Moon enters intellectual Virgo while…

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Heather Roan Robbins is a choice-oriented astrologer and ceremonialist, author of Starcodes Oracle Deck and 4 books-with an on-line practice