Starcodes March 19. 2021 Heather Roan Robbins

We are on the cusp of spring; the Sun enters Aries on Saturday morning. Aries’ symbol is the ram, embodying that act first and think later spring enthusiasm. Notice a rush of energy and awakening after the sleepy introverted time of Pisces. Venus joins the Sun in Aries on Sunday and our hearts look to the future.

Aries infuses us with the bravery of a crocus pushing through snow, the courage to start over like the trees recovering from winter and animals awakening from hibernation. The trick will be engage this spring rush with wisdom.

Aries tends to inspire us to leap before we look, to act first and think through consequences later. With all this rebellious, spontaneity-craving, even adrenaline-loving Aries energy after a long and isolating pandemic, chances are some people will lower their guards, engage in risky behavior and risk yet another round of the covid virus. Please be wise and keep this healing momentum going.

Mental Mercury, signifier of our thinking process, is still in imaginative, unrealistic Pisces, calling us to dream and daydream. Our thinking may still be fuzzy, our communication more circuitous, but our actions- energized by this influx of Aries- will speak louder than words. Watch what people do more than what they say, they may not even be aware of the misalignment between words and actions.

On Friday and Saturday a talkative Gemini Moon encourages us to take local trips, explore fresh territory and new conversation. The Moon enters deep feeling Cancer as Venus enters Aries on Sunday and can bring more complex feelings as well as sharpen our defenses. But through those emotions we can still explore fresh ideas as Mercury sextiles change-loving Uranus. With all this rising energy let’s not get swept up into somebody else’s plans unless we really share their vision.

Expect some static midweek, impatience can trigger accidents and arguments as the Moon enters outgoing Leo while Mercury semi- squares Pluto and squares Mars. People who feel they are no longer garnering the attention they want may really act out. If an ongoing conflict comes to a head, deal with it thoughtfully. The rest of the week work through what comes up and follow some exciting new creative thread forming. We get hints of what the post pandemic world may now look like.

Friday, March 19: Fuzzy-headed restlessness with a real approach-avoidance conflict around dealing with people could permeate this last day of winter. Clean up unfinished business and prepare for new beginnings, work on getting everything done that needs to get done. Tonight, we may want to talk and share ideas, of to laugh, to break recent tension on this last night of winter.

Moon squares Mercury 3:27 AM, Moon conjunct Mars 12:24 PM, Moon trine Saturn 2:49 PM.

Saturday, March 20: Spring begins at 3:37 AM, make this a magical day. Let’s think what we’d like to come back to life this spring, where we’d like a healthy revolution, and invest our energy there. Unusually clear conversation is possible, Mercury in Pisces still can give us can add compassion to the talkativeness of the Gemini Moon. Just don’t push anybody to go deeper than they are ready to at the moment. Concentration we are open to new ideas, but our constant ability to concentrate comes and goes.

The Sun enters Aries 3:37 AM, Saturn in conjunct Vesta 7:23 AM, Moon trine Jupiter 12:13 PM, the Moon square Neptune 12:20 PM, Moon square Uranus 5:51 PM.

Sunday, March 21: Spring clean houses, plans, heart, and souls, clear the air or brainstorm on new possibilities as the Moon enters domestic Cancer and Venus enters Aries. It may be an important time to have conversations to clear the air, or brainstorm on new possibilities as Mercury sextiles Saturn. Launch or update personal websites and invest in new beginnings. Add some muscle to those good intentions as Mars trines Saturn.

Moon square Venus 6:03 AM, Moon enters Cancer 6:17 AM, Mars square Vesta 6:19 AM, Venus enters Aries 8:16 AM, Moon square the Sun 8:40 AM, Mercury sextile Uranus 5:34 PM, Mars trine Saturn 8:34 PM, Moon sextile Uranus 11:02 PM, Moon trine Mercury 11:43 PM.

Monday, March 22: Feel an energy surge for exciting or fresh materiel, but a real resistance to ordinary routine. It will take extra effort to follow up on work. Many people are unconsciously irritable, enthusiastic, but easily defensive; don’t take this spring existential discontent out on others. Evening softens.

Mercury opposed Vesta 3:54 PM, Moon trine Neptune 11:40 PM.

Tuesday, March 23: This moody morning we may get fed up with ourselves or with somebody who reflects difficult feelings back to us. Accidents and arguments can occur when we focus on our feelings and not what we’re doing as Mercury squares Mars; don’t pout, take a deep breath and deal with only what needs to be dealt with right here and now. Make this a meditation and mindfulness. The mood lifts as that Leo Moon trines Venus and the Sun tonight, a sense of humor and warmth of heart returns.

Moon opposed Pluto 9:26 AM, Moon enters Leo 3:56 PM, Mercury semi- square Pluto 538, Mercury square Mars 9:26 PM, Moon trine Venus 9:49 PM, Moon trine son 10:53 PM.

Wednesday, March 24: Our energy levels can feel cat-like, longing for sunlit naps mixes with surprising energy bursts. Morning discontent as the Moon squares Uranus can bring some practical solutions midday as the Moon opposes Saturn; just avoid ego issues and make it a collaboration rather than try to pull rank on somebody, as that will not go over well. Change flows more easily later on.

Moon square Uranus 7:45 AM, Moon opposed Saturn 11:37 AM, Moon sextile Mars 2:08 PM.

Thursday, March 25: Explore a healthy concept of generosity as the warm-hearted Leo Moon opposes Jupiter; ponder how do we share ourselves where all benefit, and no one is exhausted. Stretch the heart, love more and be more lovable. Let’s ask healthy questions and offer help people actually want, rather than what we might want to give them in spite of themselves.

Moon opposed Jupiter 7:27 AM, Moon conjunct Saturn 9:25 PM.

Heather Roan Robbins is a choice-oriented astrologer, ceremonialist, and intuitive coach with +30 years experience and an on-line practice.

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