Starcodes March 12, 2021 Heather Roan Robbins

This week seeps in like the dregs of melting snow, soaks in, then builds new growth as the week goes along. Friday starts the weekend with lingering low-energy, a dreamy, intuitive, leaky, and magical, if easily exhausted mood, under the dark of the Moon.

Saturday brings a pre-dawn New Moon in Pisces and initiates a wonderfully sensitive and fertile time. Plant soft thoughts and kind words. Plant the seeds of creativity and sketch out where the garden goes or sketch in the bones of a new painting. Feel seeds being planted for a cultural, political, and economic spring. It may be too cold to plant outside but it’s the perfect time to start a seed inside in a protective environment. Play with that metaphor.

Treat this sensitive low-energy time with respect, much is gestating under the ground and in our subconscious. We can feel those deep stirrings of new life but many of us will feel unusual permeable and sensitive, so we need to be extra gentle with one another. If we hurt someone’s feelings now, there may be consequences as determination roars back when the Moon enters Aries late on Saturday, or when the Sun enters Aries and begins spring.

We get more active and activated under that Aries Moon Saturday night through Tuesday morning. Tempers sharpen, action picks up tempo and comments become more pointed as Mars in verbal Gemini trines Saturn. Let’s use our words to get the ball rolling. Make those phone calls. Listen for decisive statements. Write. Be unabashedly proactive and visionary.

On Tuesday the Moon enters more stable and fertile Taurus and brings another few days to start those seedlings and make quiet, solid, consistent changes. Mid-week, become aware of any tangential relationship tension and find a kind way to diffuse it; we may feel like we’ve got burrs under our saddle and can take it out on one another as Venus forms minor irritating aspects, semi-square Saturn and Uranus. Technical issues can chafe and get in the way of ordinary love and affection but can become an otherwise productive irritant which stimulates progress if we stay openhearted and don’t get discouraged. Work towards a form and rhythm that will do for now.

Thursday brings both sweet spring flirtation and moments of melancholy as Venus sextiles deep Pluto. We may have to process memories of this year like no other, but also begin to see what is growing on the recently cleared ground.

Friday, March 12: It’s easier to talk or plan than to do, so take the time to ponder and prepare. Find the right words to express a feeling or honor a magical experience as the Moon conjuncts Venus and Neptune in Pisces. Old memories of tender or painful moments could get stirred up as we review the month and year gone by. Watch out for a potential swamp of self-pity; instead, acknowledge those seeping feelings and do simple practical things to feel the firm ground underneath. Prepare to seed new beginnings tomorrow. Listen to dreams tonight.

Moon conjunct Venus 8:28 PM, Moon conjunct Neptune 10:51 PM.

Saturday, March 13: Plant. Plant dreams, ideas, healthy political change, love. Plant seedlings, water and nourish the tenderness around. New growth of all types begin. Be very kind to the little seedlings shooting up, both in the woods and in our hearts. Some people will respond to all this tenderness with anger because it’s scary to feel vulnerable, and a new shoot is vulnerable, but it’s their own tenderness they are denying. Compassionate action furthers. Get tangible seeds planted before 4:43 MST when the Moon enters more proactive, less fruitful Aries. The energy grows, and a twinkle could enter our eyes as the evening progresses. We can believe romantic possibilities, have our heart touched, or be deeply affected by art as Venus conjuncts Neptune tonight.

Moon conjunct the Sun 3:21 AM, Sun semi-squares Uranus 4:31 AM, Moon sextile Pluto 9:39 AM, Moon enters Aries 4:43 PM, Venus conjuncts Neptune 9:07 PM.

Sunday, March 14: Under this gently willful Moon in Aries each person has their own inner calling that needs tending, one that can help them renew and get back on track. If we need to take a day off to wander or finally have the energy to tackle chores or projects, let’s take that opportunity. Support the process rather than try to talk someone out of it.

Moon sextile Mars 5:28 AM, Moon sextile Saturn 12:58 PM.

Monday, March 15: Hit the ground in an easy run. Though energy still fluctuates, check in with the team and develop coherent group priorities as momentum begins to build. Grumpy bosses and authority figures want to feel the team moving in a good direction. Logistical difficulties point to important work, tend to them. Talk to everyone while Mercury is still in Aquarius. Mercury enters Pisces late afternoon and keeps us dreaming. The oddities of our personalities can create friction tonight as Venus semi-squares Uranus and the Moon squares Pluto; this can irritate relationships, but really isn’t about one another. Instead, support one another through growing pains.

Sun semi- square Saturn 1:06 AM, Mont sextile Jupiter 8:40 AM, Mercury enters Pisces 4:26 PM, Moon square Pluto 9:40 PM, Venus semi-squares Uranus 9:48 PM.

Tuesday, March 16: Notice irritation, whether it’s a reaction to the first pollens or just the friction between differing priorities and personalities as the Sun sextiles Pluto. Choose to let go the petty irritants, find what’s working and nurture it as the Moon enters steady Taurus. Let go of an illusion and come closer to an honest assessment.

Moon enters Taurus 4:56 AM, Moon sextile Mercury 6:30 AM, Sun sextile Pluto 12:25 PM, Moon and conjunct Uranus 9:36 PM.

Wednesday, March 17: Happy St. Patrick’s Day, that earthy Taurus Moon helps us appreciate food, drink, and music. Back at work we can sculpt in new details. This is another good day to garden and plant, to change what needs to be changed so that we can cultivate what we want to grow on all levels. New flirtations spark, Familiar relationships need appreciation, but all need some conscious work and relationship skills. Don’t take any relationship for granted as Venus semi-square Saturn. Encourage loyalty and stability, offer a pleasant surprise to someone who’s been there through thick and thin.

Moon square Saturn 1:19 AM, Venus semi-square Saturn 10:43 AM, Moon square Jupiter 10:13 PM, Moon sextile Neptune 11:15 PM.

Thursday, March 18: Let the heart be touched as Venus sextiles Pluto. Release whispers of territorial possessiveness and recent interpersonal irritations into the winds. Let form follow function, we need art and practicality together. Encouragement nourishes the roots, so catch people doing something right: we need to feel appreciated for our efforts. Engage less action and more conversation tonight as the Moon enters nervy Gemini.

Moon sextile Venus 10:23 AM, Moon trine Pluto 10:29 AM, Venus sextile Pluto 11:19 AM, Moon sextile Sun 2:39 PM, Moon enters Gemini 5:46 PM.

Heather Roan Robbins is a choice-oriented astrologer, ceremonialist, and intuitive coach with +30 years experience and an on-line practice.

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