Starcodes June 2, 2023

Summer seeps in as roses unfurl, vegetables grow, and students graduate. Our whole mood can grow more romantic, engaged, sociable, and a tad melodramatic as Venus joins Mars in extroverted Leo on Monday through early July. It’s a time of festivals and gatherings, protests and campaigns, graduation parties and weddings. New relationships can unfurl like those summer roses.

On a good day these two planets in Leo will help us appreciate the grace notes of life and share our generous heart, help us see the beauty in each person we meet. They are the center of our universe for that moment. We hope to be the center of theirs. But Venus and Mars in Leo can also bring an addiction to drama or melodrama if life is not enriched and fulfilling enough, so watch for political grandstanding, performative comments, and what feels like unnecessary emotional drama in relationships. We don’t need to feed those fires.

If we see a person acting out, let’s not buy into the drama, but do look for the truth underneath. If we feel operatic about our own emotions, let’s evaluate them with love, then find an authentic and poetic, rather than melodramatic, way to get our point across. Sometimes we just need to turn up the volume on our feelings in order to see what’s really there, what we truly need, but it would a lot simpler if we could just figure it out.

Friday begins with a focused Moon in Scorpio which can sharpen our edges but help us complete our projects and papers. It’s going to be a busy month, and our attention will be easily diverted, so the more we can stay on target and clear the decks now, the easier this month will be. Our hearts warm up later on Friday as Venus trines creative and inspirational Neptune. Feel the call for magic and bring in a flower, talk with a bee, spend time with a budding rose.

Saturday night brings the strawberry Moon, the sweet early summer full Moon in Sagittarius that wants us to travel, howl, dance, and ponder the nature of personal and political freedom. This full Moon can ask us to speak up, speak the truth we’ve been denying either to ourselves or to others; just let go of the charge and speak the truth. Then be willing to listen to theirs. We just need to remember that this one truth may be real and honest, and still be only one part of a more complex picture.



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Heather Roan Robbins is a choice-oriented astrologer and ceremonialist, author of Starcodes Oracle Deck and 4 books-with an on-line practice