Starcodes June 19, 2020 Heather Roan Robbins.

This weekend starts out with the Sun and Moon are both in nervy Gemini, and five planets- Venus, Mercury, Saturn, Jupiter, and Pluto- all now in retrograde motion. Every summer a few planets turn retrograde the same time, the summer a pile up. Retrograde season sends us into our personal and political past to remember what we learned, and asks us to work on all-too-familiar issues to see if we can do better this time. It can wake up old loves and ancient scars and stir the coals under old stories.

On the good side of the retrograde cycle we get a chance to fix old wrongs, complete things that we left dangling. We get a chance to rest, but may have to choose to do so. Missing things return, old mysteries are solved, but new mysteries may just deepen for the moment. The challenging edge of retrograde season can bring technical snafus and temporary setbacks, along with cases of mistaken identity and misunderstandings which can add oil to the fires now burning. Please assume any tension is based in a misunderstanding, start there, and do not overreact. We may need to diffuse tension in the short term, right here and now in front of us, even as we make use of it on a larger scale, engaging political tension to create positive change in the world ahead. A store may be closed, a favorite restaurant may have gone under, so call ahead. Expect the unexpected and be prepared for to make the most out of delays.

After a nervy, buzzy, Friday, the energy shifts towards more personal, inward -looking, self- protective Cancer. The Sun enters Cancer 3:43 PM on Saturday and summer is upon us. On this longest day the energy of father-Sun is strong and heralds Father’s Day. The Moon enters Cancer Sunday morning, and at 12:41 AM the Sun and Moon conjunct at 0° Cancer for a solar eclipse, visible through Africa, Saudi Arabia, northern India and China. In the months ahead we can look for changes in patterns around health, attitudes towards family, food production, and domestic policy everywhere, but particularly in those countries. We may need to let go of people, preconceptions, attitudes, complacencies to make more room for a healthier situation.

An eclipse can precipitate a major change. It can be a good change, but it anything that has felt stuck can become unstuck. So, the family dynamics can be intriguing over the weekend and on Father’s Day…



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Heather Roan Robbins is a choice-oriented astrologer and ceremonialist, author of Starcodes Oracle Deck and 4 books-with an on-line practice