Starcodes June 17, 2022 Heather Roan Robbins

Let’s make some plans in these last few days of spring under the nervy and talkative Gemini Sun and Mercury in Gemini. We can take advantage of that buzzing cross-pollinating Gemini energy and sketch in our ideas for the rest of the summer. If we don’t give it a good job, this energy can leave us discontent or nervous.

This is a week to communicate. Make plans, straighten out misunderstandings and handle logistics. We can let our point be known and write our editors and senators. With Mars still in feisty Aries our defenses kick and easily, so mediation can be tricky, but we can witness our truth. We can also hear what’s been hidden as information pours in from Senate hearings and family friends.

Mars conjuncts Chiron this week, bringing our attention to Mars wounding, hurt caused to a person or culture through the bad use of Mars, through violence, guns, misused sexuality, through self-centered willfulness. But we could also see real leadership from though affected. This aspect can also activate the best of Mars, bravery and leadership in action.

Once decisions are made, things move fast with Venus, Mars and Mercury all in the signs they rule, Mars in Aries heading towards a square in Pluto, and Jupiter in Aries. The life force is strong, bringing strong storms and big droughts. With big swings in the stock market. We tend to extremes.

Friday and early Saturday a sociable Aquarius Moon encourages us to engage the community. Perfect time for an early solstice circle. Venus squares Saturn and can make love and relationship a lot of work. Or we can show that we love through a lot of work, work together and lighten each other’s load as a sign of affection. Do the right thing in relationships rather than let it be an outlet of frustration.

The Moon heads into sensitive Pisces Saturday night through Monday. The world catches up to us; instead of feeling sorry for ourselves let’s turn that emotion into unapologetic self-care and respect for other people’s process.

Summer begins on Tuesday at 3:13 AM MDT under a strong Aries Moon. On Wednesday Venus enters Gemini and we may garden less, potentially do less, and talk more. Towards the end of the week we may feel both a lazy streak and a nervous restlessness which can either pull us in opposite directions or…



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Heather Roan Robbins is a choice-oriented astrologer and ceremonialist, author of Starcodes Oracle Deck and 4 books-with an on-line practice