Starcodes July 29, 2022

Two interlacing astrological strands weave through this week- one streak of leonine summer indulgence calls us to the rodeo or farmer’s market, encourages us to enjoy lemonade and a peach on the porch. Putter in the garden, socialize, and renew. We need to do all these things for balance.

Another streak brings great urgency and the potential for change, particularly positive change, as active Mars conjuncts both change-inducing Uranus and the North node in earthy Taurus. The North node is a fortunate point which calls us towards our future. The Mars-Uranus conjunction electrifies us in a deep earthy way and can literally shift the ground underneath us. Keep an eye in the news for earth tremors or landslides as the earth shifts and moves to make itself more comfortable. Look for metaphorical tremors in the solid foundations of our life, may they shift in a good direction.

Now Mars conjunct Uranus can spark feistiness, induce an accident-prone quality, particularly if we are in a mood or in a hurry and not focusing on what we’re doing, so let’s pay attention to the moment. At its best this spark encourages positive changes wherever we need it most.

But this three-way conjunction can also lower impulse control and start a fire, whether of literal fire, political or interpersonal fire. It can stoke motivational fires. There are now fires burning around the world clambering for radical change- the trees are begging us to act. This positive aspect combines with the potential for loss as Mercury quincunx Pluto midweek. If we hear the call for global change, let’s see what we can do to participate.

Through this week we may just feel the need for a change of scene and take a side trip. But to use this aspect well let’s take some time this weekend and think about what positive changes we really need and engage in a self-responsible way. Let’s look at the habits that we may need to change in a relationship and give it a chance to grow before we toss it out. What changes do we need to make for our health or to give ourselves a new creative goal. We can participate with local politicians that would like to steer our boat in a good direction. Get those changes rolling.

The weekend begins under a sociable and eventful Leo New Moon. Our critique sharpens over the weekend as the Moon enters…

Starcodes: Astrological map for the week ahead

Heather Roan Robbins is a choice-oriented astrologer and ceremonialist, author of Starcodes Oracle Deck and 4 books-with an on-line practice