Starcodes January 27, 2023

As this Year of the Rabbit leaps off our spirits may bunny hop between the past and the future, but we can make that work for us. Our tender hearts could be processing old emotions or recent grief or second-guessing old decisions that shifted our life this week with Venus now in sensitive Pisces while series of aspects form to the healing asteroid Chiron.

It’s easy to get stuck in the could’ve, would’ve, should’ve, second guessing decisions we’ve made or mourning some lost elements of the past. We have a lot to process from the turmoil created as Mars and Uranus turned direct mid-January, and Mercury is still in its shadow, the part of the zodiac through which it backed up while retrograde during the first three weeks of January.

But let’s not get stuck back there. Fresh terrain and new possibilities hover just beyond the edges of these old memories. Whether we were forced to search for new possibilities because the floor crumbled under our old situation, or we are excitingly incubating new project of our own accord, we have work to do to launch the future now that all planets are direct.

We may need to timeshare between these two poles. Let Chiron bring up the past, harvest information and wisdom along with ideas to handle a similar event in the future. Tend the medical issues. If an old sadness or recent grief aches, let the grief flow like a river, not a swamp, as Mercury squares the healing asteroid Chiron on Friday and the Sun sextiles Chiron on Wednesday.

At the same time-we can let the Aquarian Sun and Saturn turn our gaze forward, infuse us with competence, and help us be amazed at the possibilities, what could unfold if step away from what was comfortable -but no longer works- and consciously seek those new lands. Winter is half over, spring eases closer with every morning sunrise. Run with that metaphor.

Our political overview can match this process, stories in the headlines can feel like repeats, we may wonder if the world has made any progress at all. No one feeling particularly patient with these delays and repeats, so protests will escalate. But we can also notice a few inklings, a hint of progress, a breath of fresh air.

For this week, Friday starts off rocky as the Aries Moon squares Pluto, then settles down into a steadier groove for…

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Heather Roan Robbins is a choice-oriented astrologer and ceremonialist, author of Starcodes Oracle Deck and 4 books-with an on-line practice