Starcodes January 20, 2023 Heather Roan Robbins

The Sun enters Aquarius today and calls us out of a deeply personal winter cycle — out of that introspective winter’s cave which so many of us have burrowed within, or longed to, over the last few weeks — to begin the season of self-expression and community responsibilities.

Aquarius helps us see the bigger picture. The Aquarian shadow side can make us so aware of everyone around us, their stories and their opinions, that we forget to listen to ourselves. Or the other extreme, lead us to block their opinions so we can let our eccentricity fly. This doesn’t have to be a paradox; we can look for the balance between. This month encourages us to explore how we can both authentically ourselves- which we may have rediscovered in our winter cave- and concurrently become more aware of our responsibilities to our families, teams, and political and global communities.

We could feel some turbulence in the changes. This is the third week in a row where a retrograde planet turns direct, and when a planet does so it stirs things up. First it was Mars, a few days ago Mercury turn direct, and this weekend Uranus turns direct after many months retrograde. All planets now appear to move forward and give us a stellar green light to forge ahead for the next few months. We can finally get somewhere, though where will still be up to us.

Along with the Uranian turbulence, we could notice an ambient nervous angst as Mercury, still in its shadow until early February, goes through some minor but overthinking or anxiety-producing aspects this week. Mercury quincunx Mars on Friday, semi-squares Venus on Sunday, then semi-squares Saturn on Monday. Notice the mental habit of worry and don’t buy into it, but do review recent lessons about the soul, personal needs, and how our mind works. These little minor discomforts and communication glitches can just make us nervous- or push us to clear the ground, get centered, and build more robust communications systems- depending on how we choose to respond.

Another effect of this series of aspects could be to test our systems of transportation. Check road conditions and plane schedules. Listen for a discussion around rebuilding better roads, improving cars and how airlines run.

Our emotions can be steadied as Venus conjunct Saturn while Uranus turns direct on…



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Heather Roan Robbins is a choice-oriented astrologer and ceremonialist, author of Starcodes Oracle Deck and 4 books-with an on-line practice