Starcodes February 9, 2024

Today, Friday, holds a new Moon in Aquarius which marks an opportunity for change, but we need to give it direction. Aquarius rules our connections to the community; however we define that, and speaks of our philosophy, our working operating system.

This new Moon in Aquarius squares change-inducing Uranus and wants us to contemplate our operating system with fresh eyes to make sure that our philosophy isn’t something we just inherited or borrowed, or got talked into on the Internet, but is something that really arises out of our personal authentic experience. And, if we already have a vibrant and congruent philosophy, do our actions live up to it, are we walking our talk.

The weekend starts out under this philosophical new Moon and encourages us to check in with our friends and community. The stars then pull us towards a more personal note over the weekend under a Pisces Moon with some subtle, sometimes confusing, aspects, we’ll feel the need to be safe to be sensitive in all this action, need time with our spiritual path or may just need sleepy down time to catch up with ourselves.

Early next week confrontations reach a boiling point and new enterprises could take off as Mars enters Aquarius and conjuncts powerful Pluto, a willful conjunction we experience every few years — but it has been centuries since we last experienced it in Aquarius. Before we fight someone based on a religion, philosophy, or political stance, let’s engage compassion, the true heart of Aquarius, the awareness that we are all one people underneath.

Valentine’s Day is the Aquarian holiday where we pursue the ideal and philosophy of love and tend to hold our own romantic life up against that ideal. But Aquarius speaks of community rather than interpersonal intimacy; the original ideal of Valentines was the right to love, and to love all sentient beings, each and every one of them under the wide horizon of the sky. Send Valentines out to the whole class like we did in first grade. Send a Valentine of loving action out to the world and feel that love wash back. The world needs it so.

On a more personal level, on Valentine’s Day, Wednesday, the Moon enters a more stable but stubborn and earthy Taurus and can help us see through more mundane tasks that we postponed earlier in the week. Don’t try to change…



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Heather Roan Robbins is a choice-oriented astrologer and ceremonialist, author of Starcodes Oracle Deck and 4 books-with an on-line practice