Starcodes February 19, 2021 Heather Roan Robbins

If we find ourselves just walking around in circle, forgetting what we were about to do, let’s just laugh and enjoy the journey. Expect strange rhythms, odd delays, and swirling misunderstandings as Mercury appears to hold still this weekend, often the most difficult time of a Mercury retrograde cycle. It’s a tricky time to coordinate recovery in a frozen southern state with a fractured infrastructure, Mercury likes to move — and would rather move backwards than hold still. Then feel the kinks iron out and plans begin to manifest as Mercury turns direct and moves forward through the week ahead.

While this change is occurring this weekend, we need to pay attention to our relationships and really treat them with extra kindness and care. The two emotional planets, Venus and Mars, square off in rather stubborn fixed signs and can and an extra layer to generalized communications and transportation issues, and make it challenging to come to an agreement. It’s a wonderful weekend to be quiet, to sit still, enjoying a good book, meander, or talk about things with no particular direction. Anything else may take extra patience and fortitude.

This is a year of deep, quiet, major shifts as foundational Saturn squares change-inducing Uranus. The tectonic plates of our existence, our foundations, security, electric sources, and organizational structures will shift in small and large and increments throughout the year. New technology arises which can change the game. For the last few weeks, we’ve been in a review session, looking backwards in our life and our nations’ politics. As Mercury pivots so will our attention. We still need to hold people accountable for their actions, but it’s time to focus on what’s happening right here and now, and on the world we want to create.

Next week may be a little slow off the mark. The Moon enters domestic Cancer late Sunday and we’d rather just stay home. Let’s spend early next week reestablishing our priorities and fix what’s needs fixing. Get on the same page with our teams so we can kick into gear when the energy picks up midweek as the Moon enters Leo and Mars trines powerful Pluto. On Thursday Venus enters Pisces as the Sun sextiles Uranus and asks us to step into our hearts step further, to put compassion on the front burner.

Friday, February 19: The mood is nervy, improving but disjointed. We may feel a need to tell everyone what we think as Mercury approaches prolific Jupiter under a talkative Gemini Moon, or just find our minds wandering, and find it hard to corral our thoughts towards work. Relationship issues and surprisingly sexist comments can irritate as Venus squares Mars. A calm and steady attitude helps, find the humor and move on. Short-term projects can be problematic, but long-term projects begin to make headway.

Moon trines Pluto 12:27 AM, the Moon enters Gemini 9:03 AM, Moon squares the Sun 10:47 AM, Venus squares Mars 4:03 PM.

Saturday, February 20: Expect a generally positive attitude and good wishes as the Gemini Moon trines Venus, Jupiter, Mercury, and Saturn all in Aquarius, but we can still say dumb things and be klutzy with each other’s feelings as Mercury stations, preparing to turn direct tonight. Activity spins in circles and may not seem to get anywhere. Rely on camaraderie, not efficiency. The less we push the more we’ll actually get done.

Moon trines Saturn 12:14 AM, Moon trine Mercury 7:19 AM, Moon trine Jupiter 2:46 PM, Mercury turns direct 5:51 PM.

Sunday, February 21: Ice begins to thaw, birds begin to fly, the conversation becomes more productive, though it still pays to be cautious to avoid simple accidents of inattention. Keep things simple. Our feelings grow touchier as the Moon enters sensitive Cancer tonight. Defenses prickle easily and we could all use a hug and some comfort food. Check in with family and listen to their news.

Moon square Neptune 1:09 AM, Moon trine Venus 11:39 AM, Moon enters Cancer 8:52 PM.

Monday, February 22: Work with those approach-avoidance feelings, bravery and insecurity, enthusiasm and reluctance. Our mind is ready to move forward, but a strange emotional reluctance may require an extra sense of safety and security to do so. It’s easier to see what other people need to do next than it is for ourselves. Find pragmatic common ground and move gently forward. Lean on family, chosen and biological, and let them lean back.

Moon trine the Sun 4:06 AM, Moon sextile Uranus 11:08 AM.

Tuesday, February 23: In the morning we can use our imagination to brainstorm an unusual route around a problem that’s been bothering us as the Moon trines imaginative Neptune. Midday can be passive and slow, keep expectations reasonable. The pace picks up towards dinnertime. Tonight, as the Moon opposes Pluto, notice a potential cloud of discouragement but do not believe that story.

Moon trine Neptune 1:05 AM, Moon sextile Mars 8:58 PM, Moon opposed Pluto 9:53 PM.

Wednesday, February 24: People can feel arrogant about what is right and what is wrong as willful Pluto trines muscular Mars under an expressive Leo Moon. Clarify what is now important and back away from odd power trips. If we don’t waste time butting heads or deal with dueling egos, we can build momentum on a clear decision. Let’s offer the bounty of our attention, and work towards that which grabs our heart.

Moon enters Leo 5:22 AM, Moon square Uranus 6:49 PM, Mars trines Pluto 6:51 PM, Moon opposes Saturn 7:51 PM.

Thursday, February 25: Balance momentum and sensitivity; we’ll want to make practical concrete steps forward and can have great discussion about our goals and vision statements, but also begin to drop into our feelings as Venus enters Pisces. Notice random wafts of self-pity, let them waft away and don’t let them define the situation. We need the grace notes of life, need our feelings honored and need to feel appreciated. Catch people doing something right and give them positive feedback.

Moon opposes Mercury 2:56 AM, Venus enters Pisces 6:11 AM, Moon opposes Jupiter 9:40 AM, Sun sextiles Uranus 2:12 PM.

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