Starcodes February 12, 2020 Heather Roan Robbins

Valentine’s Day can be an excuse to hold ourselves up to an ideal of cuddly pink heart scenarios and perfect understanding, judge our life thereby and find it wanting. Aquarius wants us to think so much bigger than that. The Sun, retrograde Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn are all now in philosophical Aquarius an, instead of that comparison, want us to contemplate big questions around compassion, collective purpose, responsibility. What is love?

Aquarius can help us explore agape -empathic universal love- unconditional love of our family- help us come to love ourselves and let that spill over into love of all sentient beings. To drop into our hearts and let our hearts become those shining beacons which can reach out and touch the far corners of the world. Use that heart chakra.

While looking out into the cosmos and ecosystem, don’t forget those nearby. This line-up in Aquarius can leave us emotionally far-sighted — focused on world events and longing for more contact out there in the community, but let’s not forget to notice what the people near us actually need.

Our more subtle feelings may be quite perceptive while our ordinary lines of communication get challenged. Mercury retrograde has been a real trickster this pass, and zoom has given it a perfectly place to play its tricks and keep us laughing.

Mercury retrograde can also bring our thoughts back to the past, remember recent crimes or old friends or loves, unfinished mysteries, or good job contacts we once had. On a collective level, the impeachment trial brings our thoughts back to the last few months and years. This Mercury can help us heal the past as it helps us get the splinters out and ask for accountability.

When we peruse our own past, rather than rewound ourselves by chewing over nails of old pain, we can mine the past for freeing information, repair what can be repaired, and remember resources with which we can still reconnect.

A tenderhearted Pisces Moon wakes up our more sensitive feelings as the weekend begins. The Moon moves into passionate and fierce Aries on Valentine’s Day which can bring some lovely sparky moments or chances for spontaneous expression, but it can also make us more demanding. Let’s spread that loving Valentines dynamics out over the whole known universe.

Early next week our emotions settle into a cuddlier and more thoughtful stubbornness under an earthy Taurus moon. But a major shift, a metaphorical or actual earthquake, simmers underneath as Saturn squares unsettling Uranus on Tuesday — the first of three passes this year. Now earthquakes can relieve pressure because they we feel the shift of tectonic plates. We may need to confront old systems or assumptions and shed what no longer fits, or adjust our work and other fundamentals of our security to adapt to new circumstances. Let’s come back to our hearts and steer it with love.

Friday, February 12: The mood is sensitive and idealistic, and a bit wafty as the Moon enters Pisces. Practical events take extra will power to complete, events can remind us of our vulnerability. Avoid anything that sounds like a guilt trip, it won’t work, just sets people’s hackles up. We want great stories instead. People get their feelings hurt easily but we can also have our hearts deeply touched. Radical acts of caring help.

Moon enters Pisces 12:23 AM, Moon sextiles Uranus 1:30 PM.

Saturday, February 13: Drift, dream, escape, imagine as thoughtful Mercury aesthetic Venus and active Mars sextiles imaginative Neptune. Let go of an old pain and create room for new compassion. Enjoy a potentially playful camaraderie, just resist expectations or comparisons to a romantic ideal which can scrap a soul raw. Instead, reach out to someone who could use connection. Creative collaboration furthers.

Mercury conjunct Venus 12:47 AM, Moon sextile Mars 12:54 PM, Moon conjunct Neptune 1:10 PM, Mars sextile Neptune 7:12 PM.

Sunday, February 14: Expect mixed blessings- Mercury conjunct Jupiter and expands our mind, which can help us feel liberated enough to say something we have always wanted to say. Let’s speak up and share what we love about one another, whatever our relationship. The Moon enters feisty, rebellious Aries this morning which can inspire both moments of renewing spontaneity — and of twitching impatience. Once in a while a sexist attack occurs under passionate aspects when someone gets truly mad that they aren’t as happy as they think they should be, holds others responsible, and attacks. Avoid blame, get creative, and take responsibility for personal happiness. Be the joy.

Moon sextile Pluto 12:28 AM, Moon enters Aries 8:53 AM, Mercury conjunct Jupiter 2:39 PM, Moon sextile Saturn 10:23 PM.

Monday, February 15: Jump back into the saddle this morning. We have places to go (if only on the Internet) and things to do, but let’s do it gently. Some deadlines become due, ramifications and consequence become clear, though maybe not the way we expect them to. Notice tension between the Moon in Aries as it pushes us forward and retrograde Mercury conjunct serious Saturn which asks us to slow down, deepen, and take responsibility, and make it work. Find a judicious balance.

Moon semi-square Sun 8:39 AM, Moon sextile Mercury 9:49 AM, Moon sextile Jupiter 11:21 AM, Moon sextile Venus 8:39 PM.

Tuesday, February 16: Midmorning whispers of existential sadness or discontent as the Aries Moon squares Pluto. We could feel a sullen resistance to the restrictions of our life. Consequences clarify. Tough events may actually signal a temporary setback rather than permanent ending. The Moon enters stabilizing Taurus tonight and calls for de-stressing comfort.

Moon square Pluto 11:32 AM, Moon sextile Sun 5:16 PM, Moon enters Taurus 8:11 PM.

Wednesday, February 17: Although the Moon is in stable and steady Taurus today, Saturn squares Uranus and speaks of deep shifts. Some event may challenge our preconceptions, security, or foundation, even feel like an earthquake. Play it safe, but If we keep our hearts engaged, we can make this a shift for the good.

Moon square Saturn 10:47 AM, Moon conjunct Uranus 10:47 AM, Saturn square Uranus 12:08 PM, Moon square Mercury 7:32 PM.

Thursday, February 18: We may become newly aware of our vulnerability as the Sun enters Pisces. Morning offers an opportunity to catch up with ourselves and notice feelings we’ve avoided for the last few weeks. By evening, as the Moon conjunct Mars, we may need to take a stand or make a tough decision, but let’s not get stubborn just to prove a point. Don’t square off unnecessarily.

Moon square Jupiter 12:50 AM, Sun enters Pisces 3:43 AM, Moon sextile Neptune 12:29 PM, Moon square Venus 4:21 PM, Moon conjunct Mars 5:47 PM.

Heather Roan Robbins is a choice-oriented astrologer, ceremonialist, and intuitive coach with +30 years experience and an on-line practice.

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