Starcodes Feb 5, 2021 Heather Roan Robbins

The stars loan us a wandering, rather mellow, if inefficient mood this week, and that mellowness can help with mid-winter ennui, and a series of logistical snags. We’ll usually get along fairly well if we don’t stubbornly square off in our political or philosophical opinions. But that’s a big if.

With Venus, Saturn, Jupiter, the sun, and retrograde Mercury all now in collaborative, opinionated air sign Aquarius, the mood will be generally cooperative and openminded- unless pushed, and then incredibly stubborn. Mercury retrograde can be a real trickster and air signs highlight travel and communication, so our timing and technical equipment can just be off. Keep track of logistics. Watch for email attachments that don’t attach, scheduling programs which grow poltergeist, microphones turn on when they shouldn’t, roads that aren’t plowed when they should be, snow storms that pile up just as we need to get across town. Schedule in extra time as most things will just take a little longer.

Before reacting to something we think we hear, let’s confirm what was really intended. If another person freaks out at something we say, stop and ask them what they heard. If a beloved starts to complain, ask if they need comfort, a sounding board, or help fixing the problem before responding. Mercury retrograde can also leave us in a drifting mood, feeling as if mid-winter grey will go on forever. Odd wandering moments where it’s hard to come to a decision in the meeting, or where we wander the house, pick things up and put them down and forget why. This time is finite. Let’s forgive ourselves and enjoy the journey, even if it’s just from the kitchen to the living room and back again.

Mercury retrograde is a good time to pick up unfinished work and connect with old communities and friends. Dredge up things from the past, whether it be a missing item or old crimes. With this collective Aquarian line-up, keep an eye out for large-scale restless crowds around the globe protesting past events and calling for accountability.

This weekend we may chafe against lockdown conditions under a restless Sagittarius moon, so it’s good to get outside and deepen our relationship to the snow or sunshine, play with winter. Since Aquarius also is connected to the ankles, watch the ankles when sliding around on the ice. We could spill our coffee on a beloved as Venus conjuncts Saturn on Saturday. But underneath this klutziness, most people want to come through for us and it’s important that we come through for them.

Early next week the Moon in Capricorn encourages order and organization. Rules and systems can feel confining, but they can also help us step away from emotional opinions and organize the facts, whether we’re preparing for an impeachment trial or home project.

Midweek a new Moon in Aquarius as Mercury squares Mars brings our eyes to the political big picture, but we may be a little oblivious to the needs of people nearby. A lovely Venus Jupiter conjunction towards the end of the week reminds us to bring it back home, to notice and appreciate our beloveds.

Friday, February 5: After a quiet, serious morning our conversation picks up midday as the Moon enters peripatetic Sagittarius and sextiles Venus. Although we may face minor technical glitches, people generally will come through helpfully. We’ll want to do the right thing but may not know how.

Moon sextiles Pluto at 2:19 AM, Moon enters Sagittarius at 10:16 AM, the Moon sex child Venus 8 PM, the Moon sextile Saturn 8:20 PM.

Saturday, February 6: Anything is possible as the wandering, easily distracted Sagittarius Moon makes a whole series of minor aspects while Venus conjuncts serious Saturn and squares agitating Uranus. Let life be a simple adventure and use whatever oddities arise as a bonding moment versus tension creator. Get outside and meander. If we feel cynical about people, let’s give them a chance to surprise us. Be honest and lean into trust.

Venus conjunction Saturn at 12:06 AM, Moon sextile s Jupiter 5:44 AM, Moon sextile s son 5:56 PM, Moon square Neptune 7:40 PM, Venus square Uranus 8:32 PM, Moon sextile Mercury 11:15 PM.

Sunday, February 7: If today feels uncomfortable, as if clothes don’t quite fit as the Capricorn Moon forms several minor semi-squares, don’t blame each other. Work with any urge to complete or accomplish, to build or organize. But know that rest may be needed even more than efficiency.

Moon semi-square Venus 12:19 AM, and semi-square Jupiter 8:01 AM, Moon enters Capricorn 1:15 PM, Moon semi-square Sun 9:54 PM, Moon semi-square Mercury 11:12 PM.

Monday, February 8: Get organized today as the Sun conjunct Mercury under Capricorn Moon. Not much else will work and emotional nuances are hard to perceive, but political debate and organization cooks. Engage conversation around the vision statements, purposes, hold behavior accountable to stated intentions.

Moon trine Uranus 1:59 AM, Sun conjunct Mercury 6:47 AM, Moon trine Mars 7:20 PM, Moon sextile Neptune 11:54 PM.

Tuesday, February 9: We may work industriously but inefficiently as the Moon conjunct Pluto in Capricorn early on. If some dramatic moment, manipulative power play, or a momentary loss arises, deal with it and don’t generalize. Handle exactly what’s on the plate and expect the future to be different. Evening expands as the Moon enters Aquarius. Be careful to avoid accidents or accidental arguments tonight.

Moon conjunct Pluto 10:21 AM, Moon enters Aquarius 6:20 PM.

Wednesday, February 10: An irritable, sharp edged, urgent, and somewhat accident-prone Mars Mercury square early this morning can keep us on our toes. Pay attention, cut the bagel with care, drive defensively, and don’t take the bait if someone is in a mood. Find something productive to do with this extra energy. An insightful edge to our thinking can help us edit and make strategic decisions. Late afternoon the Moon conjunct Venus and Jupiter adding softness and making it easier to laugh together and create beauty.

Mercury square Mars 5:15 AM, Moon conjunct Saturn 5:41 AM, Moon square Uranus 6:51 AM, Moon conjunct Venus 3:10 PM, Moon conjunct Jupiter 4:28 PM.

Thursday, February 11: We talk about the whys and wherefores, engage questions about our vision statement, our Constitution, the theory of love and what is a healthy relationship. Think of the bigger picture at on this new Moon in Aquarius as Venus conjunct Jupiter. Let it call us to our highest but not talk us out of our actual feelings. Ideals are a place to work towards, not something to compare our lives to and mourn the difference. Be inspired to reach out or step closer.

Moon conjunct Mercury 12:21 AM, Moon square Mars 2:54 AM, Venus conjunct Jupiter 7:59 AM, Moon conjunct the Sun 12:05 PM.

Heather Roan Robbins is a choice-oriented astrologer, ceremonialist, and intuitive coach with +30 years experience and an on-line practice.

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