Starcodes Feb 16, 2024

Aquarius can be one of the signs hardest to define. The symbol is a water bearer — not the water itself, but the person creating a container for it and carrying it to the community. Another image for this fixed air sign can be a roomful of people sitting in a circle and sharing thoughts. Aquarius speaks of connections to the community, however we define that, and speaks of our philosophic container, rulebook, or working operating system.

Aquarius’s gift encourages us to have an authentic experience, come to a new understanding, and create a new vital philosophy based on real experience. An Aquarian challenge can be to start with our memorized rule book or philosophy and try to cram our experience into that plan and lose authenticity. This Friday Venus, symbolizing our emotions, joins Pluto, Mars, Mercury, and the Sun- all in Aquarius, so we need to come to terms with this Aquarian pattern and find ways to keep it real.

There is a reason we celebrate President’s Day this month. Many politicians, ministers, and social leaders were born with an Aquarius Sun, Moon, or Mercury and exemplify the ability to reach a roomful of people and lead action based on a philosophy or ideal, for better or worse, depending upon the authenticity and quality of that ideal. Abraham Lincoln had an Aquarius Sun, so did Franklin D Roosevelt, Ronald Reagan, and Sarah Palin. George Washington had his Mercury in Aquarius, Nixon his Moon in Aquarius.

A beautiful Ideal is something to work towards, but these philosophies can also give us a great excuse to engage in spiritual bypassing to ignore our shadow or unfinished work and justify our actions. Conversely, we can suffer over our suffering. A nationalistic mindset can justify depersonalizing, oppressing, and killing one group over another. This week as Mars and Venus conjunct Pluto we may get a glimpse of the great damage, and potentially great gifts, of these Aquarian patterns.

This Aquarian lineup can also point out where people take a spiritual or religious position yet act at great odds with that position. Killing people in the name of religion is a good example, so is a group who promotes family values yet denies the worth of families on our borders. It’s important to hold people accountable to their vision statement, but essential we check ourselves; are we walking our talk, and if not, what needs to change.

Aquarius is also farsighted, it helps us see the big picture, but we may have trouble seeing those nearby. As…



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Heather Roan Robbins is a choice-oriented astrologer and ceremonialist, author of Starcodes Oracle Deck and 4 books-with an on-line practice