Starcodes December 9, 2022

Bake cookies, adopt a puppy, or find some other way to bring in coziness and nurturance this weekend as the Moon traverses homey, cuddly, if self-protective Cancer. If life gets strange- get crafty; make ornaments, bake, wrap a package, or build. Busy hands soothe the nerves and become a stabilizing meditation.

This crafty steadiness can help with some ongoing emotional rollercoasters. Ghosts and old memories from holidays past can stir through our back brain throughout the week. We may long for old traditions or feel strangely competitive as creative Venus joins mental Mercury in historically oriented Capricorn. These Capricorn planets can help us stay efficient and get the work done before the holidays kick in but can also bring out a controlling streak. We can grow impatient with people who get in the way of our work or find ourselves arguing over the perfect decorations. We could unproductively want to control what other people are wearing or doing, or how they celebrate their marriage or the winter holidays, especially through this weekend as Mercury semi-squares Saturn.

If we notice any ongoing irritation, and we may with Mars still retrograde and out of bounds in nervy Gemini, let’s not blame it on other people our situation. Instead, let’s stop and listen to what we actually need and take responsibility for our joy. Be pleasantly surprised at how willing many people are to adjust to accommodate reasonable requests.

Look forward to great holiday parties early next week under an extroverted Leo Moon and as the Sun sextiles Saturn. Find that balance between joy and responsibilities midweek. Tie up those loose ends and details as the Moon enters efficient Virgo on Wednesday and Venus semi-squares Saturn, then feel the need grow for some time out, for some seasonal magic as the Sun squares Neptune. Work on clarity of understanding and balance both demands and a general nervousness through the rest of the week as Mercury quincunx Mars.

Friday, December 9: Rather than try to control the situation, roll with the waves of mixed emotions and find a steady path in the middle. We can crave coziness under the Cancer Moon, but can also get easily defensive, or feel rather overwhelmed by life and might rather crawl into a cave, but the competence-inducing Mercury and Venus in Capricorn pulls in the other…



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Heather Roan Robbins is a choice-oriented astrologer and ceremonialist, author of Starcodes Oracle Deck and 4 books-with an on-line practice