Starcodes December 8, 2023

This week rides in on a glittering sleigh and finishes on a more silent night. Get seasonal presents in the mail this weekend or early next week. Celebrate solstice festivities with friends on the new Moon in Sagittarius on Monday and Tuesday, then prepare to take a break as Mercury turns retrograde, slows down the busy world and turns our thoughts inward.

The glittering lights can lighten our hearts this time of year though there are some deep undercurrents running beneath. Venus in Scorpio can bring a world weariness, our heart hurt with the world’s disasters and we can occasionally need to just shut down. Scorpio is a deep land for Venus, this Venus helps us deal with the real problems of the world. but it also stirs up those primal protective emotions. Notice some hidden agenda. Luckily Mars is now in more upbeat, honest Sagittarius and can help us move through it all as long as we’re conscious of those undercurrents.

Get organized over the weekend with Mercury in competent Capricorn. Use seasonal crafts as a way to sit with people and their deep feelings, don’t ask them to talk about it unless they are ready. String popcorn or find some way to express without words as puttering can offer access into our emotions. But also watch the movements; people aren’t always owning, even to themselves, how they’re feeling, so watch their behavior to see what’s really going on. Notice a sulky look, possessive action, or signs of sadness or unusual joy and longing, they may not be conscious of it so it won’t help to talk about it, just take that information in without assuming what’s really going on with them.

Monday and Tuesday are great for solstice gatherings with friends, office parties, or travel plans before Mercury turns retrograde under the new Moon in Sagittarius. Under that new moon we can feel the need to do something completely different, break routine or book travel plans. Some people with long-term illness might travel forward without their bodies. It is also an important time for some radical introspective honesty; we can only be as honest with our world as we are with ourselves first, and Sagittarius calls for honesty.

Mercury turns retrograde on Wednesday and it’s time to install those healthy Mercury retrograde habits. To avoid accidents and arguments, make life a meditative dance of…



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Heather Roan Robbins is a choice-oriented astrologer and ceremonialist, author of Starcodes Oracle Deck and 4 books-with an on-line practice