Starcodes Dec 15 2023 Heather Roan Robbins

Prioritize safe frivolity. This tail-end of the Sagittarius season calls us to practice generosity and lighten our spirits even as the world darkens towards those longest nights. Next Thursday evening brings the turning point, the Sun enters Capricorn on that long night and three days later the days begin to lengthen again. Happy return of the Sun! All honor to however you choose to celebrate.

Our challenge this year will be to celebrate safely and do so in the face of the world’s agonies. Mercury is now retrograde in serious Capricorn, turning our minds to churn on the world’s conditions and reminding us to finish our work for the year. Mercury retrograde asks us to move with grace and attention to stay safe, no balancing on a tilted chair to hang the highest star. Confirm all meetings and, if any tension arises, check to make sure everyone feels heard and understood.

Our emotions run deep swirling undercurrents this week as Venus in Scorpio opposes Uranus. We can roll with it, rather than attach to the problem and perseverate. Be careful not to let strange deep moods project into daily life and make us irritable or cause glitches in our relationships. Let these emotions stretch our hearts into compassion instead. Keep relationships spacious, with great moments of connection and lots of room in between. Both Venus and Mars form a tricky quincunx to the healing asteroid…

Starcodes: Astrological map for the week ahead

Heather Roan Robbins is a choice-oriented astrologer and ceremonialist, author of Starcodes Oracle Deck and 4 books-with an on-line practice