Starcodes Dec 1, 2023

December starts off with a roar of productive astrological action and then slows down towards the solstice, so it pays to organize for the winter holidays and progress long-range projects now. Mercury enters competent Capricorn today and gives us that organizational boost as the month begins, but it turns retrograde December 13 through January 2, slows us down and asks us to reminisce. Tend to anything time sensitive or decisive now, then get ready to rest and review through to the new year.

Strategize about life and work, plan the holidays this weekend, but don’t be tempted to manipulate others in the name of fun under a celebratory Leo Moon and as communicative Mercury sextiles pragmatic Saturn. Not only the good people will be strategizing, so keep an eye open for potentially Machiavellian propaganda and promotions over the next few weeks. This Mercury in Capricorn can bring out our ambitions, and so we could get manipulative if we think we have a better idea than others, or depressed if we don’t feel like we’re making any progress. If so, it can help to tackle one small task and bring it to completion. Any sense of completion and progress furthers.

But this potentially playful Leo moon doesn’t want us to just be efficient, so go see those winter parades or Nutcracker Suite. Along with our hard work, art and creative process, and general affection, further as Venus tells us a story through the week.

On Sunday, underneath the seasonal busyness, we could feel undertones of loneliness, insufficiency, or remember some deeper unrequited or unexpressed emotions as Venus squares Pluto and taps into the world’s bittersweet qualities. Venus then enters Scorpio on Monday, bringing intense emotions, but not always the ability to express them. On a good day, this can help us see what we really care about, what really matters to us. But it can also turn up the volume on brooding feelings of resentment, revenge, possessiveness, distraction, or regret. We could also develop a paradoxical conundrum where we both need more time alone but mind feeling isolated, want to be touched by deep connection, yet really don’t feel like reaching out. We can become painfully aware of habits that isolate us, and we can choose to do something different.

Venus trines stabilizing Saturn by Tuesday which can stabilize our feelings and…



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Heather Roan Robbins is a choice-oriented astrologer and ceremonialist, author of Starcodes Oracle Deck and 4 books-with an on-line practice