Starcodes Aug 16, 2019 Heather Roan Robbins

The astrological season is almost ready to shift. While this weekend promises some sweet summer stories, next week brings the first hints of the industrious fall ahead.

On Friday Mercury, the Sun, Venus, Mars, and asteroid Juno are all lined up in expressive, emotive Leo. We can tell great stories, but he news headlines may continue to feel overblown, mythic, and, sometimes unbelievable. On a good day this line-up just adds joy to gatherings, pizzazz to creative endeavors in performance arts, extra lightning to storms. Other days it can add an over-the-top drama, we look at the headlines and wonder who wrote that script, but can make the story no less tragic because it’s melodramatic.

Relationships and busy social schedules can uplift us but require lots of emotional energy. The volume is cranked on our emotions, and maybe sometimes we won’t want to care because if we do, will care so much that we feel overwhelmed. On Friday and Saturday, a sensitive Pisces Moon adds to this an empathic, almost maudlin streak.

By Sunday morning, we may see a first leaf turn or notice the smell of school supplies and grow curious about the work ahead as activating Mars enters industrious, thoughtful, critical-thinking Virgo and the Moon enters proactive Aries. Creative Venus enters Virgo next Wednesday, and the energizing Sun follows on Friday. We can be less bamboozled by a story and need more facts, feel less sociable and more attentive to the nuts and bolts of our work. Instead of talking about the world’s problems, or our own, or staging a dramatic response, we’ll want to do something about them. Just watch a new tendency to be self-critical, to try and wound with pointed facts, and instead stay solution-focused.

Jupiter and Saturn, the two planets that, among other things describe the liberal to conservative arc of our social contracts, form an uncomfortable quincunx over the weekend and early next week. Different political parties seem to be speaking on skew lines, even more so than normal, as if from different universes. Finding common ground will be difficult, but the problems may become more clearly defined. Look for more interesting political analysis, and personal assessment, on Tuesday and Wednesday as the Moon enters pragmatic Taurus while mental Mercury quincunx Saturn and Neptune, and trines Jupiter. Rigorous thinking can set us free.

By the end of the week, check in with personal goals, put out CVs, and begin to prepare for the autumnal…



Starcodes: Astrological map for the week ahead

Heather Roan Robbins is a choice-oriented astrologer and ceremonialist, author of Starcodes Oracle Deck and 4 books-with an on-line practice