Starcodes April 10, 2020

The general mood shifts tonight as Mercury enters Aries. Our thinking may be less overwhelmed but more intense as mental Mercury leaves swampy, perceptive, receptive Pisces, where it has been for most of the time since early February, and enters more intense, brave, if reactive Aries tonight. And then continues to shift as the Sun squares Pluto and Jupiter next week.

We need to stay present and aware as our mood and situation keeps changing, whether we’re on an expedition to the store or watching the national health statistics. Ways we have coped with stress in the past may no longer be working right now, and we need to invent new ways to cope in this unpredictable time.

Mercury in Aries can help us deal with real emergencies, but it can also crank up our fight or flight response. We can argue quickly and may have more trouble sitting still and staying contained. To help with this, the two emotional planets, Venus and Mars, are now both in talkative air signs and in a supportive relationship. Under normal circumstances this would be fabulous for dinner parties and productive work meetings, a great time to start a romance from a passing meet cute. But since we can’t go in there in person, we’ll feel better when we stay connected through letters, Internet, or the phone. Emotions will stay steadier if we’ve been able to connect. Stay informed, but consciously balance incoming information and don’t give into a tendency to obsess: as well as the death rate, notice the virus recovery rates. Communication on all levels can be our saving grace through this time.

Friday morning starts with grim focus as the Scorpio Moon asks us to face some fear. The Moon enter more upbeat Sagittarius midafternoon and mental Mercury enters restless Aries tonight; both encourage guts and chutzpah. We may feel less overwhelmed, no less aware of danger, but more motivated to make it out the other side. Even if it’s just a rebellious response that will be damned if we’re going to be taken out by this virus and miss a chance to vote in November. Over this weekend the Sagittarius Moon calls us to get outside or dance in the kitchen, move the body and find something worth laughing at for the sake of the immune system. Children and animals may nag us to find a game to play with them, but it’s as good for us as it is for them.



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Heather Roan Robbins is a choice-oriented astrologer and ceremonialist, author of Starcodes Oracle Deck and 4 books-with an on-line practice