Mercury into Aries — Starcodes April 2, 2021 Heather Roan Robbins

This spring demands fresh honesty, we want to know what actually happened and what’s really going on. We want to hear from our beloveds and share what is on our minds. Some new truths come to the surface this weekend which can both clear up some misunderstandings but could also intensify conflict as mental Mercury sextiles Pluto, the detective, then joins the Sun and Venus in direct, low-impulse-control, Aries, on Saturday night.

This Aries line-up encourages us to be competent and independent. but heats up our passionate response, whether disgust, lust, engagement, protection, or rebellion. We can waste this energy in conflict. The headlines have already been full of painfully reactive moments this month as lowered-impulse-control plus no gun control and plenty of Aries fuel makes a tough combination.

Sometimes this rebellion needs to happen, there is no coincidence that most revolutions start in the springtime. People philosophize when the Sun is in Aquarius, feel their wounds deeply when the Sun is in Pisces, rebel when the Sun is in Aries, and then put this into determined action- set up the barricades and march in the streets -when the Sun is in Taurus. Questions of social justice are now hot sparks with these pools of Aries fuel waiting to combust. But if we only know what we’re fiercely against, we still let the other party own the paradigm.

If we can think through the consequences of our actions and words (and that can be a big “if” with this Aries Line-up), this clarity can invoke a refreshing directness that helps us handle tough situations, make tough choices, and build momentum in a fresh direction. We can feel that reactive fierceness but focus on positive goals. Mars now in talkative Gemini encourages us to keep talking, as long as the conversation is moving forward and people feel heard and respected, we can stay hopeful. Discuss, seek, focus on, work for, and pray towards peaceful and empowered solutions. Block that hope and watch the explosions.

The weekend begins under a cheerful, funny and impatient Sagittarius Moon which can help us be honest without being mean. Mercury is still conjunct Neptune in Pisces, so we may still need extra sleep and have wild dreams Friday night.

On Saturday, the Moon enters competent Capricorn so it furthers to have a project to channel that Capricorn pushiness in a good direction, preferably a project that doesn’t require we push other people away from their priorities to tackle ours. It’s a good time to get at any pile of unfinished personal business, catch up and clear the decks for next week’s decisiveness.

Mercury enters Aries late Saturday night and the energy ratchets up. We’ll have less tendency to over think but may act first and think later. Sunday may bring more certainty about the next step.

The Moon enters collaborative Aquarius on Monday and brings this fresh perspective back out to the body politic and the world at large. The Venus and Mars sextile on Tuesday and can increase our interpersonal cooperation and flow, help like-minded people to work together. Mid-week encourages us to make overtures to collaborate. Stir the coals of friendship and that can also stir the coals of romance.

Wednesday and Thursday a Pisces Moon can awaken our sensitivities and help us feel fiercely protective of the sensitive underdogs, or we may feel like that underdog ourselves. People will get fiercely difficult where they feel scared, overprotective of those they love. Work with the hero energy that is the Aries gift and stand up for a cause or person, just make sure the support is wanted. Aries also encourages us to crave self-reliance and independence.

Friday, April 2: Look for new information, new facts, new clarity on what we want or where we would take something. We’re still under that dreamy Mercury in Pisces but can uncover and recover missing information and objects as that intuitive Mercury sextiles in-depth Pluto. Allow for extra sleep to integrate recent events and pay attention to dreams. Notice a temporary edginess this morning as the Moon opposes Mars and squares Neptune, midafternoon can bring fresh understanding as the Moon sextiles Jupiter. Unwind tonight, let people turn into a puddle.

Mercury sextile Pluto, 12:03 AM, Moon opposed Mars 4:40 AM, Moon square Neptune 11:41 AM, Moon sextile Jupiter 3:16 PM, Moon square Mercury 11:23 PM.

Saturday, April 3: Feel an urge to accomplish as the Moon enters competent Capricorn. Let’s not lasso others out of their priorities and into our projects; instead, find mutual goals. While it’s not a great day to plant seeds under the waning morning Capricorn, it’s perfect to build new flower beds and prepare the ground, both in our garden and in life. Tonight, as Mercury enters Aries, feel that urge to speak up and get something off the chest, but keep the inner diplomat engaged.

Moon enters Capricorn 2:12 AM, Moon trine Uranus 6:04 PM, Mercury enters Aries 9:41 PM.

Sunday, April 4: Step back from family fights over the Easter baskets. Give up on finding the perfect right way to do something, whether to honor the holiday or anything else. Control issues are to the point. Instead, notice and honor what each person has done, feed their sense of accomplishment and see what can be reborn on this first Sunday after spring’s first Full Moon. What we can hatch from the egg.

Moon square the Sun 4:02 AM, Moon square Venus 8:33 AM, Moon sextile Neptune 3:54 PM.

Monday, April 5: The political is personal. As the Moon heads into collective Aquarius we are asked to look at the bigger picture. Some news story may catch our eye, our responsibility to the world knocks on the door. Pay attention and make a thoughtful response. But don’t ignore the emotional needs of those nearby, we all may feel emotionally urgent about something.

Moon conjunct Pluto 1:05 AM, Moon enters Aquarius 7:03 AM, Moon sextile Mercury 12:18 PM, Moon square Uranus 11:58 PM.

Tuesday, April 6: Look for both serious and joyful collaboration. The Moon conjunct Saturn in Aquarius and reminds us of our responsibilities as Venus and Mars form a friendly sextile from Aries to Gemini where they ease collaborations and sparks flirtations. Work together in a way that still maintains independence. Even romantic relationships now need playful friendship to thrive.

Moon conjunct Saturn 4:32 AM, Venus sextile Mars 5:17 AM, Moon sextile Sun 2:39 PM, Moon trine Mars 7:55 PM, Moon sextile Venus 8:43 PM.

Wednesday, April 7: Notice a generous sensitivity this morning as the Moon conjunct Jupiter and enters Pisces. But that sensitivity can bring out a reactive twitch in some people, so our straightforwardness needs to be consciously combined with kindness and consideration or we’ll just set off people’s sensitive inner minefields. Take up that fierceness for a cause or to protect the underdog.

Moon conjunct Jupiter 4:04 AM, Moon enters Pisces 2:30 PM.

Thursday, April 8: Superman on the outside, Princess and the pea on the inside; our mythic itself may want to be tougher than we actually feel. Find creative ways to be confident and sensitive at the same time, be boldly compassionate dangerously creative. Let’s risk loving in a real way, as attentive to the others’ needs as to our own.

Moon sextile Uranus 8:23 AM.

Heather Roan Robbins is a choice-oriented astrologer, ceremonialist, and intuitive coach with +30 years experience and an on-line practice.

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