Aries New Moon ~ Starcodes April 8, 2021 Heather Roan Robbins

What does it mean to rebel? The coming new Moon in Aries wants to know. What we choose to rebel against is personal for each person. Do we rebel against an oppressive situation, against the world’s destruction? Or do we just get difficult and contrary. Do we rebel against the encroaching disease by getting the vaccine, can we rebel against pandemic depression by creating new opportunities? Do we rebel against a limitation and gently push ourselves forward, can we rebel against our own petulant mood and reach for the joyous sunlight?

With the Sun, Venus, Mercury and this weekend, the New Moon, all in brave, rebellious, self-starting Aries, there’s a lot of fuel lying around. Like a well-fueled combustion engine, this can take as far if we have a goal and drive it carefully. But also like a combustion engine, we could just blow up.

Aries imparts strength, bravery, and motivation, but we have to add maturity and awareness to put it to good use. It doesn’t pay to be strong and stay in a situation that needs to end. This self-directed Aries energy makes it easier to do a project ourselves rather than explain what we need done, and easier to set a challenge and cheer each other on rather than collaborate.

This Mars-ruled Aries energy is connected to all of our defense systems, our ability to fight of invaders. Our emotional defenses, political defenses, and our immune response can swing between under-reactive — too strong- to overreactive. Spring allergies can be a pain. In response to the new wave of Covid, some will rebel against wearing masks, others rebel against having their health put at risk. If we find ourselves in reaction mode, it furthers to stop and think about the nature of our rebellion. Clarify what we want instead and focus on that.

The weekend begins under a softer, squishier Pisces Moon, which can make us painfully aware of our vulnerabilities or just leave us sleepy and in need of dreamtime. The Moon enters resilient Aries on Saturday and can wind us up and calls for a spontaneous and heartfelt experience. The Moon and Sun conjunct in Aries on Sunday and start a new chapter. On Sunday Venus squares Pluto and brings us back to our deeper priorities, it could remind us of a loss or event, or the fear of one, which provokes intense feelings. Deal with the feelings first and choose a thoughtful reaction later.

Early in the week the waxing Moon enters earthy Taurus, making it a delicious fertile time for planting new ideas, fresh seeds, and new relationships. Venus enters earthy Taurus on Wednesday and slows our reaction time just a notch, adds steadiness, compassion, sensuality, possessiveness, and flirtation. A Gemini Moon towards the end of the week brings the conversation back to the foreground, will help us be a bit more flexible and curious about new options.

Friday, April 9: We may want to be brave but could feel unsure about where to go next or annoyed at our anxieties while Mars squares confusing Neptune under a waning Pisces Moon. Let’s try to be patient with ourselves. While waiting for the dust to clear it helps to review and empathize, lay groundwork for the new beginnings ahead. Listen to both the inner tender concerns and the inner hero, they can both be real. Compassionately fight for the underdog. Share laughter and be considerate of one another tonight, we could feel like a busy week is catching up to us.

Mercury semi-square Jupiter 5:21 AM, Moon square Mars 7:48 AM, Moon conjunct Neptune 8:03 AM, Mars square Neptune 1:17 PM, Moon sextile Pluto 5:48 PM.

Saturday, April 10: The waning Moon enters impatient Aries this morning, but a steadying Mercury-Saturn sextile can help us stay on track and use this extra fuel wisely. Still, take a break and back off from any volatile situation rather than push forward now, unless it’s absolutely essential. When we feel resistance, let’s ask what we want instead and turn our boat in that direction. Respect boundaries but reach out and be free with affection as Venus sextiles Jupiter; our hearts may be warm and urgent, and need to feel reflection from those we love.

Moon enters Aries 12:10 AM, Mercury sextile Saturn 9:08 AM, Venus sextile Jupiter 12:52 PM.

Sunday, April 11: Caution: combustible material within; let’s be careful what sparks we light on this Aries dark Moon. Patients may be hard to find but even though our engines rev, if we don’t have a clear direction we can just spin in circles. As Venus squares Pluto tonight we may remember some great pain or loss, or notice a personal or cultural shift, which can leave us sad and help us sort our priorities. Rather than trigger revenge, let it open hearts with compassion and help us remember what matters, and what we want to do about it, as the Moon conjunct the Sun at 8:30 PM and starts a new chapter.

Moon sextile Saturn 12:01 AM, Moon conjunct Mercury 2:45 AM, Moon conjunct the Sun 8:30 PM, Venus square Pluto 9:20 PM, Moon sextile Mars 9:59 PM.

Monday, April 12: Launch a project, dive right in as the Moon conjuncts Venus and enters earthy Taurus. People may be relatively open-minded and collaborative, but probably won’t want to be surprised- so work with the steady flow. Senses want to be fed; savor a delicious lunch and notice the budding world. Listen for clues to new beginnings and plant seeds of all sorts. What get started now will take root and build momentum, so let’s plant good seeds.

Moon sextile Jupiter 2:24 AM, Moon square Pluto 5:12 AM, Moon conjunct Venus 6:06 AM, Moon enters Taurus 11:43 AM.

Tuesday, April 13: Don’t mistake stubbornness for stability. Be ready to engage thoughtful necessary changes as the earthly Taurus Moon conjuncts Uranus this morning then squares Saturn as the Sun sextiles activating Mars. Postpone those things which still need worked out; work where the path is clear now and save the fiddling details till later when feeling more patient. Do not make decisions for another person, because the ownership of our own path now feels vital.

Moon conjunct Uranus 7:17 AM, Moon square Saturn 12:30 PM, Sun sextile Mars 5:09 PM.

Wednesday, April 14: Reel in any overwhelming desire to tell people off as feisty Mars challenges unexpected Uranus. While it may be totally appropriate to speak up and speak truth to power, don’t mistake a hissy fit for being empowered. Change is in the air, though some may resist it. Follow comments with constructive action. Watch explosions of temper or equipment, stay safe and move that ball forward.

Moon sextile Neptune 8:03 AM, Venus enters Taurus 12:21 PM, Mars semi-squares Uranus 2:16 PM, Moon square Jupiter 4:01 PM, Moon trine Pluto 5:59 PM.

Thursday, April 15: Possibility opens as the Moon enters versatile and talkative Gemini while the Sun sextiles Jupiter. Funny, odd, perceptions can help us perceive that something is not quite as complex as we thought. Don’t oversimplify but do use this to get out of the weeds and move forward. Use humor, a change of scene, a fresh approach to break through writer’s block or interpersonal logjams.

Moon enters Gemini 12:34 AM, Sun sextiles Jupiter 10:58 AM.

Heather Roan Robbins is a choice-oriented astrologer, ceremonialist, and intuitive coach with +30 years experience and an on-line practice.

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