Starcodes Sept 17, 2021 Heather Roan Robbins

Make hay while the Sun shines in industrious Virgo this week; get organized and sketch in plans for the fall even though they need to stay flexible and will continue to evolve throughout the season. Get some good solid chunks of work out of the way and clear the decks now before Mercury retrogrades from September 26 through October 18 and asks us to slow down, check our assumptions, and review.

Mercury is in its shadow — that part of the zodiac it (appears to) back over as it retrogrades — and so…

Starcodes Sept 10, 2021 Heather Roan Robbins

Poignancy with a punch; as Autumn’s schedule speed up and garden slows down, the planets loan us extra competence but also add some broody undertones. The weekend begins in a focused if melancholic mood, introspective with occasional clouds of resentment as the Moon and Venus both enter suspicious, deep-feeling Scorpio while Mars lingers in a trine to Pluto. …

Starcodes September 3, 2021 Heather Roan Robbins

Labor Day is the industrious Virgo holiday where we celebrate our ordinary labors by taking a last delicious break before summer’s end. This Labor Day brings a new Moon in Virgo and a new request for us to examine what we need to be on track with both our personal and professional work. After a relatively lazy weekend it’s time to find a new sense of purpose, whether we decide to focus on a big existential or political Gestalt or choose a temporary project.

But first let’s get back to that lazy weekend…

As we notice few leaves tinge pink and gold, the winds shift and the planets hint at the season ahead. Sketch all plans in pencil for the next few months, stay light on one’s feet and make the best of any situation until we pass December’s Saturn-Uranus square. Saturn symbolizes structure, organization and our work, and Uranus acts like a great cosmic clutch to deconstruct the past and insist we shift gears in the future.

So many of us have recently dealt with surprising change in plans. Our work life, our relationships, or where we live may be in a…

Starcodes Aug 20, 2021 Heather Roan Robbins

Take every opportunity to come back into balance this week. The last few weeks have been astrologically turbulent as change-inducing Uranus turned retrograde, Mercury conjunct aggressive Mars- and a few other exciting aspects- shook up our world. While we’ll still feel the tremors in our Terra Firma throughout the year, this week offers a chance to repair and stabilize, harvest and nurture as Venus in peace-loving Libra trines stabilizing Saturn while the Sun opposes expansive Jupiter and then heads into responsible Virgo.

The weekend begins under a competent and collaborative Moon-Saturn conjunction in…

Starcodes August 13, 2021 Heather Roan Robbins

This week we learn just how many of our plans are now in flux as Uranus turns retrograde and the Perseids meteors showers down. We may feel thrown back to some old systems, have to adapt on the fly to changing circumstances, or find out changes we thought were about to fall into place are not ready. While the new phases may work for us eventually, we cannot run on autopilot this fall. We need to keep all plans loose and mobile and regularly check all the variables through into the new year.

Starcodes Aug 6, 2021, Heather Roan Robbins

Here we are at the peak of Leo season- heart of the summer. Leo energy can act like hearth fire, The sun and Mercury now in Leo loan us an ability to shine, to fill the room with light and become a stable center point for others to gather around. This weekend brings a new Moon in Leo, and this Leo glow can help us all shine and add melodramatic extremes to otherwise ordinary events. A great time for the Olympics. …

Starcodes July 30, 2021 Heather Roan Robbins

Many cultures celebrate Midsummer on August 2, we’re halfway through the astrological summer this year August 7, and this week is the peak. Halfway through the summer in all its joy and glory and danger, all its covid-sharing county fairs and rodeos.

The Sun and Mercury are now both in Leo and see things in a grand scale, add operatic notes to a summer’s picnic, to the Olympics, to political protests around the globe. But maybe it’s not all fun and games. …

Starcodes July 23, 2021 Heather Roan Robbins

The Sun has just joined Mars in the fixed fire sign Leo. Leo encourages us to be the hearth, the warmth in the center of the room which radiates and illuminates to gather and inspires others. Every teacher needs a spark of Leo medicine to hold our attention to help us learn every speaker or social gathering needs a dash of Leo to enliven and draw people close. A social gathering needs a dash of Leo energy to enliven and draw people close. …

Starcodes July 16, 2021 Heather Roan Robbins

Look for layered emotions woven into this week of high summer, and thoughtfully choose where to focus. The mood will be lazy and energized, flirtatious and friendly on one level, bighearted if with less automatic empathy, But along with these pleasantries we may also need to confront the big issues of our time or in our life.

Venus conjuncts Mars in Leo and feeds both our flirtatious and affectionate energy and energizes social events and the performing arts. Some experiences could feel truly operatic. This conjunction also feeds the emotional drama and stubbornness…

Starcodes: Astrological map for the week ahead

Heather Roan Robbins is a choice-oriented astrologer, ceremonialist, and intuitive coach with +30 years experience and an on-line practice.

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